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global electric motorcars

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    Report: Polaris may sell electric vehicles in India

    Polaris, the all-terrain vehicle maker that acquired neighborhood electric vehicle maker Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) from Chrysler last year, may start selling electric vehicles in India as a way to benefit from the growing vehicle market in that country, automotive news website ...

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    Polaris to close GEM factory in Fargo, will shift production to Minnesota, Iowa

    In late April, Polaris Industries announced that it would soon acquire full ownership rights to low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) from Chrysler. Now comes word that Polaris will shut down GEM's existing factory in Fargo, ND and shift all production of the ...

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    Polaris buying low-speed electric car maker GEM from Chrysler

    Polaris Industries will acquire low-speed electric vehicle manufacturer Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chrysler for an undisclosed amount. All Chrysler would tell us is that, "It's a confidential number." Currently, GEM manufactures six street-legal models; well, ...

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    More GEMs on the horizon: Chrysler offers new 2011 low-speed electric vehicle options

    The last time we heard about GEM, the news wasn't good. In fact, the electric vehicle announcements from Chrysler haven't been all that positive for a while now, but that doesn't mean it will always be so. In fact, Chrysler announced today that the its wholly-owned subsidiary Global Electric ...

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    Cruising down the neighborhood six up

    For those of you in need of electric transportation and with a large family, or a lot of friends, Global Electric Motorcars, a DaimlerChrysler company, is launching production of an all-new six passenger electric vehicle, to join its lineup of two and four passenger versions. GEM is the top-selling ...


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