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    Official: Unusual EV world record attempt happening at Goodwood today

    Later today, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK, an unusual electric vehicle world record attempt will take place. The challenge? To take a particular style of EV further in 24 hours than anyone has ever gone before. The vehicle in question? A mobility scooter. Starting at 6 pm local time, ...

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    Report: Peugeot's diesel-hybrid Onyx Concept will hit the road at UK's Goodwood fest

    Peugeot looks like it's ratcheting the good-old British-French rivalry up a notch by bringing its Onyx diesel-hybrid concept car at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed this July, according to Hybrid Cars. The French automaker will use the festival to road-test the futuristic-looking vehicle, ...

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    Does the Toyota 2000GT SEV foretell an electric sports car? [w/video]

    The totally awesome Toyota 2000GT SEV unveiled earlier this year was the result of what was called the "Crazy Car Project," undertaken by the Toyota Automobile Association. While no doubt some thought that converting the iconic car, of which only 353 examples were made, to run on solar power a ...

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    Video: Infiniti Emerg-E prototype has trouble at Goodwood

    Nobody ever said that pushing the boundaries of technology was easy. Today's latest crop of hybrid and electric vehicles are highly complicated pieces of machinery loaded with computer controls, miles of wiring and sometimes multiple powerplants. As you might imagine, not everything always goes ...

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    Drayson Racing sets electric record at Goodwood Festival of Speed [w/video]

    The Nissan Leaf wasn't the only electric vehicle to set a record (1 minute, 57 seconds whilst in reverse) at the Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb this year. With Johnny Cocker at the wheel and pointing forward, the Lola-Drayson B12/69EV from Drayson Racing Technologies laid down a time of ...

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    Video: Watch this Nissan Leaf set a record up Goodwood... backwards

    There's more than one way to set a record at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Just ask Nissan. The automaker took to the hill climb this year with the lowly Nissan Leaf and actually managed to capture a spot in the record books with a unique stunt. Terry Grant jumped behind the wheel of the EV for ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf aims to take world record in reverse at Goodwood

    When Nissan wants to set a speed record, you'd expect it to use the GT-R to get there. Or maybe one of its myriad racing cars – it does, after all, power the bulk of the LMP2 racers on the grid at Le Mans, not to mention the experimental DeltaWing. But the Leaf? Sure, maybe for ...

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    Infiniti Emerg-E prototype will go hill climbing at Goodwood 2012

    The Goodwood Festival of Speed isn't the first place green car enthusiasts go to for their gas-saving entertainment. But hybrids and plug-in vehicle have been present here and there in recent years – we've seen the Honda CR-Z RR Concept, Renault Z.E. concept and Tesla Roadster – and ...

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    Rolls-Royce: We need to consider alternatives, even without demand

    Rolls-Royce is known for making big cars with big engines. And why not? Rolls-Royce customers like big cars with big engines. Customers questioned about the future direction of the flying lady haven't been enthusiastic about hybrids and have been "rather ambivalent" about the Rolls 102EX electric ...

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    Nissan Leaf to attempt record-setting hill climb in... reverse

    Unlike gasoline-fueled vehicles, in which reverse gear only allows low-speed maneuvers, the Nissan Leaf packs an electric powertrain that, theoretically*, enables it to be driven backwards until it hits its top speed. This means that the Leaf, believe it or not, can whiz along in reverse at ...

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    Derek Bell runs the Bentley Continental Supersports at Goodwood [w/VIDEO]

    Bentley Continental Supersports - click above for a high res image gallery
    At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Bentley unveiled its fastest most powerful road car in its 90 year history in the form of the Continental Supersports. Besides significantly reducing the weight of the existing ...

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    Renault Z.E. electric car makes its mark at Goodwood

    Renault's Z.E. (Zero Emission) Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    While Porsche was pushing runners to previously-unknown heights, Renault participated in the Goodwood Festival of Speed with something a bit more appropriate. The company's quirky all-electric concept, the Z.E., was on ...

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    Porsche enhances humans to break world record 48-hour distance run

    Porsche world record attempt - Click above for high-res image gallery
    What's the most common Pavlovian response to the word "Porsche"? Thinking of people running on treadmills, right? If you had a different though, consider that treadmills were front and center at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ...

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    VIDEO: While Top Gear waits, Fifth Gear runs Tesla at Goodwood

    A couple of weeks ago we told you that Tesla was talking to the producers of Top Gear about having Jeremy Clarkson try out the Roadster. At the time Darryl Siry told us nothing had been finalized yet and we don't know if that has changed. What we do know is that the "other British car show," Fifth ...

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    Race jocks to show off pedal power at Goodwood

    The Goodwood Festival of Speed is all about sending racing and sports cars of assorted vintages up the hill in an entertaining show of ferocious power. There's really nothing green about it, so why are we talking about it here on ABG? Well, because there's going to be a new wrinkle added to the ...

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    Rolls-Royce Gives a Hoot

    There may be no greater monument to conspicuous consumption than the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but the automaker prides itself on its environmental awareness, as evidenced by the actions they've taken at and around their Goodwood facility. The building itself is home to an 8-acre "living roof," which is ...

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    Rolls-Royce dips a toe into greener waters

    Rolls-Royce, just a week after I wrote that we haven't had a single green story about them on AutoblogGreen, has given word about their waste reduction campaign. The company isn't changing its cars, just the way they make those cars. By the end of next year, Rolls-Royce hopes to recycle 75 percent ...


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