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    Official: Marijuana and biodiesel, a match made in green heaven?

    And now for something completely different. That would be from our friends at Extreme Biodiesel, which is in escrow to buy 40 acres of farmland in California. The reason? It wants to cultivate hemp specifically for the conversion to biodiesel. Tailpipe emissions have never been as sweet. The ...

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    Going to Pot: Motive to unveil cannabis-composite Kestrel electric car [w/video]

    Motive Industries talks about its cannabis-bodied car – Click above to watch a video after the jump
    Motive Industries has announced that they will unveil Canada's first bio-composite-bodied electric car this September at the EV 2010 VÉ Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver. Dubbed ...

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    Eco Racing withdraws greenest racer from Sebring

    Life can be rough. I had just received a press notice telling me about this "green" race car, the Radical SR10 LMP1 prototype, that the British Eco Racing team has entered in the American Le Mans Series opener at Sebring. I did a little digging so I could better inform you when I found ...

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    Video: Ron Paul on ethanol subsidies "I don't think we should do that"

    What does Ron Paul think about ethanol subsidies? Ron thinks they are unconstitutional and that allowing farmers to raise hemp is the right solution. Here is Ron's full response, as you can see in the video above, to the question "What are your views and policies on subsidizing ethanol ...

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    Videos: truck that runs on chocolate, car made from potatoes

    The video above from Sky News is of a truck that runs on chocolate and is going around the world. The truck actually runs on biodiesel made from chocolate and they are going to Timbuktu to promote biodiesel. Below the fold is a video of a race car made from potatoes called Eco One. Eco One is made ...

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    Ford's hemp car closer - a greener choice that produces less smoke

    Yes, yes... A car made from hemp? It's a subject we have discussed a few times: hemp-powered cars and car panels made from hemp fiber, and it looks serious: Ford, teaming with the UK's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and hemp fiber supplier Hemcore are developing a plant matter ...

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    Anthony J. Gerst from gives his opinions on hemp's suitability as a fuel source

    Should we be adding hemp to the growing list of crops for alternative fuels that are better than our current use of corn for ethanol? That is an idea proposed by Anthony J. Gerst over at Anthony surmises that hemp could produce 600 gallons of methanol per acre. Methanol, being an ...

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    Hemp in the gas tank

    The Kalamazoo Gazette in Kalamazoo, MI ran a Viewpoint column last week where the writer, Richard Holcomb, wrote about all the benefits of growing hemp to wean ourselves of oil imports for fuel and plastics. Hemp activists have an incredibly hard time convincing people to seriously consider growing ...


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