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    Report: Honda ending CR-Z, Insight sales in Europe

    Death by diesel? That may be the epitaph of the Honda Insight and CR-Z in Europe, where the Japanese automaker will discontinue sales of the two hybrid models before to the 2015 model-year. A Honda spokesman confirmed the discontinuation to Automotive News, and information on those models has ...

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    Exclusive: 2015 Honda Insight facing cancellation

    Prepare the funereal wreaths, dig out the black duds, practice those somber facial expressions; it may just be that the Honda Insight is not long for this world. The car that took the hybrid fight to the Toyota Prius – and lost – could be on its way out, if we are reading our tea ...

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    Official: ZIpcar gaily supports GLAAD with Honda Insight carsharing

    The term "Rainbow Coalition" may have been originally coined to describe a movement led by Rev. Jesse Jackson during the 1980s, but the largest US carsharing service appears to be putting its own spin on the concept, with the help of some Honda hybrids. Zipcar is giving a folks a chance to ...

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    Report: In which an EV1 rises from the dead as a modified Honda Insight

    Leave it to the builder of an electric vehicle called "White Zombie" to dream up a scenario straight out of a horror movie. In this case, it's an old General Motors EV1 electric vehicle seemingly brought back from the dead in the guise of a first-generation (and nearly carbon copy) Honda Insight ...

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    Official: Honda Insight, Fit Hybrids coming to China

    And then there will be three – hybrids, that is. Honda, which started selling its CR-Z hybrid in China in July, is planning to debut two additional hybrid models there in the near future. Honda presented its plans at the China International Automobile Exhibition, saying it will soon start ...

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    Official: Honda sells millionth hybrid 13 years after introducing Insight

    Remember when selling 100,000 hybrids was something to tout? Today, Honda comes calling with the news that, since putting its first-gen Insight on sale in 1999, the company has sold more than a million hybrids around the world. Clearly, the company's gas-electric sales pace is quickening – ...

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    Is the Nissan Leaf the second coming of the Honda Insight?

    Is this a backhanded compliment? After Nissan reported – again – that monthly sales of the first mass-produced U.S. electric vehicle continued to disappoint, our friends at Plug-in Cars realized something: the Nissan Leaf is kind of like the original Honda Insight. Introduced to the ...

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    Official: Honda bringing four new hybrids to China, including Acura NSX

    Earlier this year, Honda unveiled a concept version of its Acura NSX at the Detroit Auto Show. Now, the Japanese automaker appears to be taking a speedy approach to hybrid sales in China similar to that mid-engined sports car. Honda is planning to launch at least four hybrids in China under both ...

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    Report: Electric vehicles attacked with same criticisms as hybrids 10 years ago

    Electric-drive vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt are getting hammered by a lot of critics for a lot of different reasons. What's interesting is that many of the public policy criticisms were also hurled at hybrid-electric vehicles a decade ago, signaling that EVs and plug-ins may follow a similar ...

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    Honda Insight's the lone hybrid on Kelley's cheapest-to-own list

    The Honda Insight was the only hybrid to make it onto Kelley Blue Book's list of new cars that will cost less than $30,000 to own during the first five years of ownership. The Insight, which has a base MSRP of $19,120, was joined by 15 other models, all of which are high fuel-economy gas models ...

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    Official: Honda sells 800,000-hybrids 12 years after Insight debut

    Honda Motor Co. sold its 800,000th hybrid-electric vehicle last month, about 12 years after the Japanese automaker sold its first. The company announced the milestone as it prepares to sell the first North American hybrid under its Acura luxury badge. Honda debuted hybrid sales with the ...

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    Official: New 2012 Insight improves fuel economy by 1 mpg

    As part of the change from the 2010 to 2011 model years, the Honda Insight lost a few creature comforts but but also went down in price. For the 2012 change-over, the car underwent a slightly more important change: one more mile per gallon, no matter which drive cycle you're talking about. The ...

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    Report: Honda to launch Fit Hybrid, CR-Z, Insight in China in early 2012

    Japan's Honda Motor is looking to hybridize China with a trio of gas-electrics in 2012. Word is Honda will launch its über-cheap subcompact Fit (Jazz) Hybrid and two dedicated hybrids – the Honda Insight and the CR-Z hatchback – in China next year. Mibe Toshihiro, executive ...

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    Report: To cut costs, Honda will manufacture batteries, electric motors for hybrids in China

    Following in the footsteps of Toyota, Japanese automaker Honda will reportedly manufacture components, including batteries and electric motors, for some of its hybrid vehicles in China, starting in 2012. The production shift is meant to reduce the cost of Honda's hybrid vehicles sold in China ...

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    Report: Honda teases Insight Exclusive and Freed Spike hybrids

    Over on its Japanese site, Honda is currently teasing three upcoming hybrids, including an exclusive Insight hatchback dubbed – are you ready for this? – Insight Exclusive. A formal announcement from Honda regarding the trio of hybrid is expected to come soon. In the meantime, here's ...

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    Hybrid vehicle sales slip in September 2011; Prius tops chart again *UPDATE

    It's that time of month again. September 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied (see plug-in results here) and so we took a look at the good-old green standby, hybrid vehicles. With quake-related vehicle production issues more or less out of the picture, output of most hybrid vehicles is back ...

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    Honda reveals Europe's slightly revised 2012 Insight

    For the new, slightly revised, European version of the 2012 Insight, Honda is focusing on making the hybrid slightly more fuel-efficient, perhaps with an eye to be more competitive with the Toyota Prius. Honda says the 2012 Insight spits out only 96 grams per kilometer of CO2, a five-gram drop ...

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    Hybrid vehicle sales steady in August; Prius crowned champ again *UPDATE

    It's that time of month again. August 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied, including, of course, hybrid vehicles. Once again, it's worth at least a mention that quake-related vehicle production issues have more or less subsided, so output of most hybrids manufactured over in Japan is roughly ...

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    OakTec's 100-mpg Honda Insight banned from Formula 1000 Rally Championship

    Hit hard for being too dominant, Oaktec's fuel-sipping Honda Insight has been banned from the Formula 1000 Rally Championship. Developed exclusively for Formula 1000 rallying, Oaktec's tuned Insight returned 100 miles per gallon when pushed slowly and nearly 82 mpg when the pace quickened. Since ...

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    Hybrid sales continue to slip in June, Toyota Prius leads with mere 4,340

    It's that time of month again. June 2011 sales in the U.S. have been tallied, including, of course, hybrid vehicles. Once again, it's worth noting that quake-related issues continue to impact production of most hybrid vehicles manufactured in Japan. This time 'round, Toyota Prius sales came in ...


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