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    Report: GM refutes German OEMs, says HFO-1234yf AC coolant is safe

    General Motors' Opel division is adding metaphorical fire to the real dispute over a new air-conditioning refrigerant's potential flammability. Opel recently ran crash tests with an SUV using a refrigerant, called HFO-1234yf, that is being pushed by the European Union as a way to cut greenhouse ...

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    Honeywell gets $27.3 million grant to produce lithium hexafluorophosphate (it's needed in lithium batteries)

    Honeywell is better known in the automotive space for providing turbochargers for many of the latest-generation diesel and gasoline direct-injected engines. This week, however, one of the company's numerous divisions received a $27.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for the ...

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    General Motors may get a boost from Honeywell

    Turbocharging is likely to be all the range in the next few years as automakers try to improve the mileage of high volume vehicles with downsized engines. Ford has already announced big plans for its EcoBoost engines starting with the 3.5L V6 that launches next spring. Across town at GM, the ...

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    Jay Leno cracks corn jokes but his jet-powered sports car runs on biodiesel

    Jay Leno says he originally wanted a hydrogen fuel cell for his one-of-a-kind mid-engine supercar, but such a project wouldn't have been ready for the SEMA Show. So the topic of engine power turned to alternative fuels."I wanted to do something with bio fuels to show that we're a little bit ...


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