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    Official: Smith Electric finds $42 million lifeline in Sinopoly Battery Limited

    It looks like electric delivery truck maker Smith Electric Vehicles is getting plugged back in this summer. The Kansas City, MO-based company, which halted production last year, is getting a $42-million equity investment from Hong Kong-based lithium-ion battery maker Sinopoly Battery Ltd. The ...

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    Two Wheels: Zero gets electric motorcycles ready for police duty in Hong Kong

    Zero officially became many as the maker of electric motorcycles had its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong. The company, Zero Motorcycles, is distributing its bikes in eastern Asia through Yuen Ho Trading Co. (you didn't expect the Tesla Motors sales model, did you?) and sold 59 ...

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    Report: Hong Kong may get more electric taxis from Nissan, BYD

    Nissan, BYD and Toyota are among companies that may soon be supplying plug-in vehicles to Hong Kong's taxi fleet, the publication Energy and Capital reports. With cabs accounting for more than 18,000 of Hong Kong's approximately 550,000 vehicles, adding plug-in vehicles to the city's fleet could ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S vs. the world

    Since the Detroit Auto Show almost 12 months ago, Tesla began calling 2012 the Year of the Model S. Following the US launch earlier this year, the all-electric sedan is about to go on sale in Europe. Tesla's latest email newsletter reveals a bit about how the company is preparing audiences around ...

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    Video: Lessons learned spinning around Hong Kong on a Brammo Enertia

    A biker in Hong Kong shot video for 20 minutes riding an electric Brammo Enertia. Here's a few observations from viewing it, which you can do below: The Enertia doesn't have a mild humming electric motor, like the Nissan Leaf. It's a piercing noise that cranks up while driving uphill and ...

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    Two Wheels: Brammo Enertia Plus to replace government gassers in Hong Kong

    Following Brammo's big Polaris deal comes more good news for the electric motorcycle maker. After evaluating the Brammo Enertia for over a year, the Hong Kong government has decided it likes the machines and will now begin replacing its older gas-burners used by some of its agencies with ...

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    Report: Hong Kong to purchase 8 "supercapacitor," 28 electric buses for $180 million

    The government of Hong Kong is ready to invest $180 million to acquire 36 single-decker buses, but ordinary coaches won't cut it. Ordinary emissions buses, that is. Concerns over roadside pollution have convinced government officials in Hong Kong to purchase eight low-emissions "supercapacitor" ...

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    Tesla Motors opens service center in Hong Kong

    As last week came to a close, Tesla Motors celebrated the grand opening of its first vehicle service center in Hong Kong. Though the service center was set up to serve some sort of purpose, Tesla claims the Roadster:

    Requires less routine maintenance than conventional cars, does not need ...

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    Tesla Roadster owners race 'round Hong Kong for Japanese earthquake victims

    Hong Kong's Tesla Roadster owners have organized an electric rally for the 26th of June. The owners aim for this event to showcase the Roadster's phenomenal on-road performance and to be the most fuel-efficient rally ever held in Hong Kong. The race will stretch across Hong Kong, with each ...

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    Nissan Leaf headed to Hong Kong by April

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Despite the fact that Nissan Leaf deliveries are off to a slow start in both the U.S. and Japan, an advance supply of electric hatches will reportedly ship off to Hong Kong soon. According to a statement released by Kitty Poon, ...

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    Hong Kong's roadside air pollution reaches record levels

    According to the Guardian, "Roadside air pollution in Hong Kong hit record highs in the first six months of the year, damaging public health and economic competitiveness compared with Asian rivals." This roadside air pollution is apparently damaging Hong Kong's reputation and is deterring ...

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    Brammo Enertia going kung fu fighting?

    The Brammo Enertia has attempted a few things no other electric motorcycle ever has. It's turned the traditional sales model on its head by way of gaining distribution through the electronics retailer Best Buy rather than motorcycle shops. It's gone on a lengthy road trip in a quest to reach an ...

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    BYD preparing to sell F3DM plug-in hybrid in Hong Kong

    2009 BYD F3DM - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The BYD F3DM plug-in hybrid, made in China, might be headed south. The Environment Bureau of Hong Kong has purchased two BYD F3DM hybrid cars for testing purposes. The bureau will work together with the equivalent agency in Shenzhen, the ...

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    Mitsubishi i MiEV hopes to hang out in Hong Kong

    As Mitsubishi prepares for its electric car, the i MiEV, to go on sale this summer in Japan and the UK, more territories wishing to try it out on their own streets are coming forward. We can now add the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, known to most of us ...

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    More palm-oil biodiesel plants popping up in Asia

    Indonesian corporation Sinar Mas Group is planning to build two massive new palm-oil biodiesel plants for fuel export to Europe and the U.S. The first of the two is to be built on the Indonesian island of Sumatra with an annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes with the second to be built in Malaysia with ...


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