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hydraulic hybrid

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    Official: Citroen bringing hybrid air powertrian to Geneva in C3 VTi 82

    Clever. The air hybrid powertrain that Citroen will be bringing to the Geneva Motor Show next month is nicknamed N-Air-Gy. Or, at least, that's what it says in the rendering that Citroen released today in preparation for the Swiss event. We've heard about this technology before, with the hint ...

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    Autocar launches E3 hydraulic hybrid garbage truck

    At Waste Expo 2011, Autocar announced the commercial launch of its E3 hydraulic hybrid chassis cab. The launch of this advanced hybrid follows the successful implementation of a pre-production fleet of E3s that have been hauling away waste in southern Florida since September of 2010. Autocar ...

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    Daimler, DOE, Maryland deploy 143 heavy-duty Freightliner hybrid trucks

    Daimler Trucks North America, along with the U.S, Department of Energy (DOE) and the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA), will deploy 143 heavy-duty Freightliner hybrid vehicles under the Maryland Hybrid Truck Initiative (MHTI). MHTI will utilize a $5.9-million grant received through the ...

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    Hydraulic minivan coming from Chrysler, with the EPA's help

    The closest Americans can get to a hybrid minivan in 2011 – an entirely practical vehicle if there ever was one – are the Prius V and the 2012 Ford C-Max, both of which are due later this year but are not really minivans. This will sort of change in 2012 thanks to a new research ...

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    Los Alamos County takes delivery of New Mexico's first hydraulic hybrid garbage truck

    Just days ago, Los Alamos County took delivery of New Mexico's first hydraulic hybrid refuse truck. Like the four hydraulic hybrid recycling vehicles that recently started work on the streets of Ann Arbor, MI, the Los Alamos refuse truck is powered by Eaton Corporation's hydraulic launch assist ...

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    AFVI 2010: Technology parade includes propane lawn mowners, CNG hydraulic hybrids, more

    CNG hydraulic hybrid refuse truck in the Technology Parade – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One big difference between the AFVI Expo and a standard auto show is that the garbage trucks show up at AFVI. That's what happened this year during the conference's Vehicle Technology Parade, ...

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    What could have been: DeLorean had reportedly been planning hydraulic hybrid

    The name John DeLorean is synonymous with the automotive industry. From his days at General Motors, where he turned Pontiac into the automaker's de facto performance division with the creation of the GTO, and, therefore, the muscle car genre in general, to his days running his eponymous car ...

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    VIDEO: Lightning Hybrids' LH4 hits the road

    Lightning Hybrids LH4 - Click above to watch the video after the break
    Back in early April at the Denver International Auto Show, Lightning Hybrids' showed off its new biodiesel-powered hydraulic-hybrid LH4, the design of which was inspired by the classic 1963 Split-Window Corvette. Although the ...

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    New York trash trucks start testing Bosch Rexroth hydraulic hybrid

    The New York sanitation department has just started a year-long evaluation of a hydrostatic regenerative braking (HRB) system on garbage trucks. The system provided by Bosch Rexroth is a hydraulic launch assist system. This is basically a hydraulic mild hybrid system. During braking, a hydraulic ...

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    What is regenerative braking?

    Ah, fire. One of humanity's oldest ways to generate energy. Technically, you could generate energy by burning brake pads, as seen in the picture above (thanks, Flickr!), but automotive engineers have managed to come up with a way to use brakes to generate energy without going up in flames. The ...

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    Lightning Hybrid LH4 makes its Denver debut

    Click above for a hi-res gallery
    Despite a rushed last-minute assembly, the team from Lightning Hybrids managed to debut their LH4 at the Denver International Auto Show. It's pretty safe to say that this is the first unveiling of a doorless bio-diesel burning hydraulic hybrid sportscar prototype ...

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    Lightning Hybrids to reveal LH4 at Denver Auto Show

    The Denver International Auto Show opens today and Lightning Hybrids is planning on being there to display their biodiesel hydraulic hybrid prototype, the LH4. If you happen happen to be attending the opening this afternoon, don't be surprised if the slick gray sportster smells a bit like wet ...

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    Lightning Hybrid to go for X-prize with 100 mpg biodiesel hydraulic hybrid

    A small startup company in Loveland, Colorado is working on what it hopes will be the keys to the Automotive X-Prize. Lightning Hybrids is building a pair of vehicles, one with three wheels and the other with four, that use a biodiesel-fueled hydraulic hybrid powertrain. Not a lot of details are ...

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    California ARB approves $700,000 in grants for green tech demos

    The California Air Resources Board this week approved $700,000 in grants for demonstration projects to evaluate clean air technology. Advanced Transit Dynamics, Eaton and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District will each receive over $200,000 for projects. Eaton will build a package delivery van ...

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    Artemis Intelligent Power demostrates hydraulic hybrid BMW 530i w/Video

    The concept of a hydraulic hybrid powertrain is not a new one, and a number of companies have developed prototypes. The latest to show off a vehicle so equipped is Artemis Intelligent Power in the UK. The company has put together a BMW 530i demonstrator using its Digital Displacement pump/motor ...

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    Waste Management tries out hydraulic hybrids

    Waste Management, the garbage-collecting giant, is adding 4 hydraulic hybrids to its Fort Worth fleet for a bit of field testing. The trucks, which were launched about 6 months ago, are from Peterbilt and use the Eaton Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) system to store much of the energy used in braking ...

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    UPS orders up hydraulic hybrids from Eaton

    While UPS is one of the companies that will test a hydraulic hybrid vehicle (HHV) from Hybra-Drive sometime next year, it has already done testing with a similar type truck from Eaton. The initial 18-month trial saw upwards of 50 percent less fuel burned and was positive enough for the delivery ...

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    Hybra-Drive hauls in $3.4 million for hydraulic hybrids

    Score one for the little guys. Hybra-Drive Systems, developers of a hybrid drivetrain for medium and light trucks that uses hydraulics instead of batteries and electric motors, has landed a nice chunk of change from the Michigan 21st Century Jobs Fund. The $3.4 million prize was the largest of 17 ...

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    Hybra-Drive hydraulic hybrid to undergo HTUF testing

    It's not often that a Hummer is pictured here on AutoblogGreen but this particular brute, owned by hydraulic hose and belt supplier Gates, is being converted to a hydraulic hybrid using a system developed by Hybra-Drive. We introduced them to you in '07 and now that they're making some news, we ...

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    Peterbilt unveils new hydraulic hybrid garbage truck

    Click image to enlargeStop. Pick-up. Go. Repeat. This is the routine your sanitation and recycling trucks follow as they go about their daily rounds, relieving us of the astonishing amount of junk we all manage to accumulate in a week's time. This eats up fuel in traditionally-powered vehicles. ...


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