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hydrogen hybrid

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    Official: Aston Martin Rapide S becomes first hydrogen car to lap Nürburgring

    An Aston Martin has completed what's believed to be the first hydrogen-powered lap around the famous Nürburgring as the automaker prepares to enter its H2-powered hybrid in next month's 24-hour race at the German racetrack. The Aston Martin Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S made a four-hour run ...

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    Report: Mazda5 plug-in microvan will get hydrogen range extender

    All right, see if you can follow this one. Once upon a time, Mazda decided to put out a hydrogen-powered version of its RX-8 sports car. Then, the company started deliveries of its Premacy (it's the Mazda5 here in the states) Hydrogen RE Hybrid – i.e., a hydrogen-powered engine paired with ...

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    Video: Green Overdrive sprays the streets in the Fiat Panda fuel cell hybrid prototype

    Fiat Panda fuel cell hybrid – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Fiat first introduced the Panda city car back in 1980 and, while the vehicle has evolved a bit since then, it still serves the same purpose as the automaker had originally envisioned: a modern day peasant's car. Cheap ...

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    Report: BMW hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain could see use in Mini lineup

    Not too long ago we learned that BMW was secretly working on a hydrogen hybrid powertrain. Then, just days ago, we brought spy shots of the real deal caught in action. Yep, that's a modified front-wheel drive 1 Series pictured sporting both hydrogen and electric components. Now there's even more ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 1 Series hydrogen hybrid spotted testing

    BMW hydrogen hybrid 1 Series prototype – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We recently learned from BMW that it was working on a hydrogen hybrid powertrain that was being tested in a modified front wheel drive 1 series. The announcement was buried in a lengthy press release about the ...

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    Hydrogen Hybrid Corp finishes testing on semi trucks, makes unbelievable claims

    We're not sure how many companies there are that are producing or testing on-demand hydrogen systems, but we're getting rather accustomed to seeing new ones nearly every single day, each one touting radical and impressive-sounding fuel mileage and emissions improvements. The latest comes from ...

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    Ronn Motor Company reveals 40mpg hydrogen hybrid supercar plans

    In an announcement that's left us scratching our heads, newly-formed Ronn Motor Company has revealed a car, uniquely named "Scorpion" which they claim will get they 40 mpg, have a 3.5 second 0 to 60 time and have an over 200 mph top end. Furthermore, they state in a press release, it will be ...

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    Prius hydrogen hybrids to be leased to the State of California later this year

    Another batch of hydrogen-powered hybrids will be leased to government officials in California later this year (recently, some were put into use in Santa Monica earlier this month). The hybrids, a group of four modified Priuses, will be leased by the state government from Quantum Fuel Systems as ...

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    Hydrogen hybrid Prius cars arrive in Golden State

    Five experimental Toyota Prius sedans were delivered to the City of Santa Monica, California, on Thursday. Why experimental? All the hybrids are fueled by hydrogen gas instead of gasoline as part of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (AQMD) plan to educate the public on hydrogen as a ...


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