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    Study: 200,000 DC fast chargers coming by 2020

    "200,000 by 2020 from less than 2,000 in 2012." OK, say that three times fast. Electric-vehicle advocates might be practicing that tongue twister to memorize the latest projections by research firm IHS. IHS believes that the number of fast chargers in the world will jump up more than 100 times ...

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    Official: GM CEO Akerson confirms 200-mile EV in the works, says death of the V8 "greatly exaggerated"

    General Motors isn't talking about how far the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV can go before it needs a charge, but par for the course for today's electric vehicles i2 around 70-100 miles. GM CEO Dan Akerson today confirmed that the company is working on a 200-mile EV (perhaps a Spark, perhaps not) ...

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    Report: Gas may hit $6 mark, or maybe pump prices have peaked

    Might want to buy some stock in whatever company you think makes the most fuel-efficient cars. The price of U.S. gasoline could hit the $6 mark if international sanctions are imposed on Iran and shut down the Strait of Hormuz, through which much of the world's oil is shipped, the Chicago Tribune ...


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