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    UCS infographics illustrate path to 'half the oil' by 2035

    Sometimes, you just need some simple pictures to prove your point. If you're the Union of Concerned Scientists and you want to let people know that "we can half it" (oil use, that it) by supporting more electric cars and biofuel use, then a couple of bright infographics might do the trick. In ...

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    Study: Toyota Prius, Tesla Model S fans apparently like very different things

    Prius fans polled have above-average interest in yoga, sustainability and Apple. As for Model S fans? They're big on economics, Jim Beam, strip clubs and weed. If a Toyota Prius lover crashes into you, the driver may have been distracted reading The New York Times or The Atlantic on his or ...

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    Motorsports: Infographic: the fastest electric cars in the world

    Electric vehicles may be quiet, but they're not necessarily slow. To set the record straight, see the infographic below called "The Fastest Electric Vehicles on Earth," which displays high-speed electric planes, trains and automobiles. In Japan, you can take a mag-lev train that gets up to 361 ...

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    ETC: Ford compares 2013 Fusion EcoBoost engine to space shuttle

    The 2013 Ford Fusion hasn't even gone on sale yet and it's made a bunch of connections: an appointment with NASCAR's Sprint Cup, star of its own music video, and a date with Ryan Seacrest. Now Ford has paired it with the Space Shuttle, but not for nothing: the MAR M246 nickel-cobalt-tungsten ...

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    Infographic: Green Cars 101

    So, you're a regular AutoblogGreen reader and think you can't learn much from an infographic called "Green Cars 101," right? Well, how about this little tidbit: in a compressed natural gas car, the fuel is "compressed to less than 1 percent of its volume." Or this: "A small solar energy system (1 ...

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    Infographic: Fuel efficiency in the US

    How much CO2 does an electric car produce in a year relative to an average gasoline powered car or a modern clean diesel? What's the most efficient gas-powered car sold in the United States? The top diesel? The total U.S. gasoline consumption? The average miles per gallon of a Prius versus an ...

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    Infographic: Which U.S. cities spend the most on gas?

    It almost seems that with each passing day, commuters across the nation are increasingly pinched as the average cost of gas inches up. However, since driving habits and pump prices vary considerably from state to state and even from city to city, the truth is the problem afflicts some commuters ...

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    Infographic: Taxed at the pump

    With the price of a single gallon of gasoline hovering around $4.00, it's not like gas comes cheap. In fact, seven out of ten Americans say that soaring pump prices are causing financial hardships. We bet you didn't know that the nationwide average tax on gasoline of 49.5 cents per gallon has ...

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    Infographic: Why the Toyota Prius is so fuel efficient

    Infographics – otherwise known as those visual representations of information, data or knowledge that present info quickly, concisely and clearly – have got to be one of the greatest inventions (?) ever. Why's that? Well, because they typically present complex information so easily ...

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    Yet another reason to switch to gallons per mile

    Pop quiz: Say you split your driving evenly between a 21 mpg SUV and a 75 mpg Vespa scooter. What would your average miles per gallon be? If you answered 48 mpg you're not alone, as that's what Vespa came up with in their infographic we posted last week (reposted above). The only problem is that ...

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    240 trees offset 1 car per year and other fun facts

    Consumers have an opportunity to be more environmentally conscious as new hybrid and electric vehicles continue to reach the market. Despite the convenience of tried-and-true gas-powered cars, they affect the environment with their harmful emissions. Here is some data to show you just how much, ...


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