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    Report: Inside Line wishes for more from Coda Sedan in road test

    We gave the Coda Sedan electric vehicle decent enough marks when we took an early prototype for a Quick Spin last year. It looks like the performance-minded folks at Edmunds's Inside Line weren't so charitable, however. Inside Line found that the EV, which started deliveries in March, beat the ...

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    Report: Inside Line pits Tesla Model S against Porsche Panamera GTS

    Well, that must've been fun. Inside Line really took one for the team by road-testing the battery-electric Tesla Model S and the Porsche Panamera GTS against each other. It's a tough life. Inside Line decided the Panamera GTS was the closest competitor to the Model S based on performance, price ...

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    Video: Inside Line drives a Nissan Leaf 132 miles without recharging

    Recently, Inside Line set out to conduct a range test on a 2011 Nissan Leaf. The test, though not representative of real-world driving conditions, proved that under a specific set of circumstances, the Leaf can travel well beyond its official 73-mile EPA range rating on a single charge. So, how ...

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    Inside Line: our Chevy Volt's battery miles cost more than the gas ones

    2011 Chevrolet Volt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We often, though sometimes incorrectly, assume that it's cheaper to operate an electric vehicle than a comparable gasoline auto. Hey, who hasn't? While this assumption generally holds true, electrical rates vary widely across the ...

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    Inside Line pokes fun at the Nissan Cube

    PHOTO: Scott Jacobs / INSIDE LINEIt had to happen, given the fundamental laws of nature governing rivalries: Inside Line has done a playful side-by-side comparison of the Nissan Cube and the Scion xB. JDM-spec Cube did not fare exactly well against the US-market Scion (which it won't compete ...

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    Honda's next big moves: new hybrid and third-gen fuel cell

    Two big announcements from Honda recently concerning what the company has in store for the future. As we noted yesterday, the company says ethanol is not efficient, and doesn't see the biofuel as part of its future strategy. So, what is? A new hybrid in, maybe, 2009, and third-generation hydrogen ...


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