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isle of man

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    Video: John McGuinness makes record-breaking poetry aboard Mugen Shinden San

    John McGuinness is a poet like no other. Invoking passion like Neruda using only the twisty, timeworn vocabulary of the Snaefell Mountain Course, the Morecambe Missile can best be heard crafting his boisterous verse during the annual TT races when standing alongside the 37.7-mile asphalt ribbon ...

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    Two Wheels: Mugen debuts new Shinden electric motorcycle for TT Zero race
    Now includes tech from Mission Motors 1396969140

    To say that John McGuinness will win this year's TT Zero on the Isle of Man, riding the Shinden San for Team Mugen, and that his closest competitor will likely be his new teammate Bruce Anstey, would not be the boldest of predictions. MotoCsysz, the team that's dominated the previous four ...

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    Two Wheels: Charge electric motorcycle race documentary comes to theaters this week

    For lovers of electric bike racing, director Mark Neale's documentary about the first-ever electric motorcycle competition that started on the Isle of Man TT course June 12, 2009, Charge, is now in theaters. The updated film chronicles racing teams preparing for the 2009 race, and their return in ...

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    Two Wheels: History will be made at the 2012 TT Zero. A preview.

    Rising out of the chilly waters of the Irish sea, the Isle of Man is paradise for those who consider the world's most dangerous motorcycle racing circuit to be nirvana. Once again, it is also the setting for the TT Zero: a one-lap race around the 37.7 Snaefell mountain course for all-electrics ...

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    Two Wheels: Mugen unveils electric superbike to contest 2012 TT Zero, announces John McGuinness as rider [w/video]

    The 2012 edition of the TT Zero just got a whole lot more interesting. Mugen, the Japanese performance firm who, rather significantly, lists some of its main clients as Honda Motor Co., Honda R&D Co., and Honda Motorcycle Japan Co., announced they would enter the SES TT Zero Clean Emissions ...

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    Motoczysz most excellent video of E1pc electric motocycles racing the TT Zero

    No hyperbole. This is the coolest electric motorcycle racing footage ever. Motoczysz has just released a video featuring the 2010 and 2011 versions of its E1pc electric motorcycles competing against the clock and each other at this year's TT Zero. If you click on the link to it below, kiss the ...

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    Video: Charge takes us on a ride through green racing history on two wheels

    If you have an interest in electric motorcycles, or even just an appreciation of a well-told story about a game-changing event set in a mystical, modern-day anachronism, then Charge by Mark Neale is one movie you really should must see. It's the story of the birth of electric motorcycle road ...

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    MotoCzysz sizzles in Isle of Man TT Zero practice

    TT Zero practice laps – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Snaefell Mountain Course is again abuzz with the sound of electric motorcycles as six riders have been running practice laps in preparation of the main TT Zero event now set for Thursday. Last years TTXGP-winning Team ...

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    Isle of Man puts the boots to TTXGP, creates the TT Zero

    In a press release that acknowledges the success of last year's inaugural TTXGP held on the Isle of Man and thanks that organization for their hard work, the self-governing British Crown dependency's Department of Tourism and Leisure (DTL) has announced that they are taking over the event and ...

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    Video footage from TTXGP zero-emissions motorcycle race

    Click above to watch the video after the break
    Unfortunately, it wasn't possible to watch live footage here in the United States of the world's first zero-emissions motorcycle race, which took place this morning on the famed Isle of Man. The good news is that the organizers of the TTXGP have ...

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    Spoiler Alert! TTXGP winner is...

    It took only 25 minutes and 53.5 seconds, for the TTXGP to be decided. Find out the winner after the jump. [Source: iom today / BBC]

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    Mission Motors' TTXGP race bike unveiled

    Mission Motors' TTXGP race bike - Click above to enlarge
    There's just a few more days until the running of the TTXGP at the Isle of Man. Being that this is the inaugural running of the world's first zero-emissions motorcycle race, it's really impossible to have a clear idea of which teams should ...

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    VIDEO: First TTGXP practice run features XXL Racing

    The first ever TTXGP is now just a few days away and teams are still arriving to the Isle of Man for the event. One group that arrived earlier than most is XXL Racing from Germany, and as a result, their rider was the first to "stretch the legs" of a competing machine on the island. A resident of ...

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    Motoczysz releases pics of completed E1pc electric superbike

    Motoczysz E1pc - Click above for an image gallery
    Finally, speculation on the appearance of the Motoczysz E1pc can end as the fledgling American motorcycle maker has released an official set of pictures of the machine that will be taking on the rest of the field at the upcoming TTXGP zero-emission ...

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    Isle of Man official: TTXGP will run as scheduled

    Motoczysz E1 - Click above for a gallery of expected TTXGP entrants
    According to a report on, the TTXGP will be taking place as scheduled in June 12, 2009, despite concerns that there wouldn't be enough riders or vehicles ready in time to make the starting grid. We weren't aware that ...

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    VIDEO: Mission Motors smooth out fairing, optimizes performance

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    We thought that we had pretty much seen the bike that Mission Motors is sending to the Isle of Man for the TTXGP when it was photographed testing at Infineon Raceway. It has since become apparent that the company won't leave well enough alone, and as ...

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    Spy Shots: Mission Motors TTXGP entry snapped at Infineon

    Mission One testing at Infineon - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    There's just 45 days until the running of the world's first zero emissions motorcycle time trial, and a number of the teams that plan to compete in the Isle of Man's carbon-free Grand Prix are hard at work testing their ...

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    Officially Official: TTXGP releases full list of participants

    Click above to enlarge the rendering of the electric motorcycle from Motoczysz
    Organizers for the upcoming TTXGP zero-emissions motorcycle race have finally released the full list of confirmed participants, which includes 24 motorcycles from 16 individual teams. We had been expecting to see teams ...

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    Tom Montano to pilot Mission One in TTXGP

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Mission One
    The winning entry in the world's first carbon-free Grand Prix, the upcoming TTXGP on the Isle of Man, will have a special place in the history books and with the competition heating up, Mission Motors has pulled an ace from their sleeve. The ...

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    Imperial College of London to enter TTXGP

    A member of the Imperial College of London's TTXGP Team wrote in to let us know about the school's entry into the upcoming zero-emissions motorcycle race at the Isle of Man. At this point, details remain scarce about the vehicle, but the renderings appear to be based on the chassis and bodywork of ...


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