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    Official: GM, Detroit Renewable will turn waste into power for Hamtramck

    General Motors and Detroit Renewable Energy have just released a joint press statement with a provocative title. Apparently, the two companies are getting "steamy" with each other. What they really meant is that GM and Detroit Renewable Energy, a consortium of renewable energy generation and ...

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    Official: Ford has diverted 120 million pounds from landfill via recycling [w/video]

    Ford, which has boosted its green credentials during the past few months with strong sales of its new C-Max Hybrid and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid, would like to remind you all that its treehugging ways go back a long, long ways. The US automaker, which started processing and reusing damaged ...

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    Official: Ford will cut landfill waste, water use at Europe factories

    Ford Motor Co. said it will cut landfill waste from its European factories by 70 percent and reduce water use by 30 percent within five years, all part of a plan the U.S. automaker has to cut its overall environmental footprint. The water reduction alone – 1.3 billion liters a year, or ...

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    General Motors says 86 of 145 facilities will be landfill-free by end of 2011

    General Motors' efforts to eliminate the shipment of waste to landfills is spreading to its non-manufacturing sites, ten of which are going to reuse, recycle or convert to energy every last bit of waste in the near future. The General has been greening its manufacturing facilities, getting 76 ...

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    Ten Honda facilities in North America achieve zero-waste status

    Ten of Honda's 14 manufacturing facilities in North America have achieved zero-waste-to-landfill status, while the remaining four plants are at "virtually zero" waste, according to Honda. Back in 2001, Honda Manufacturing of Alabama became the first zero-waste-to-landfill automotive facility in ...

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    Landfill gas to power 40% of GM's Orion Assembly Plant

    When production of the 2012 Chevrolet Sonic and Buick Verano kicks off this fall, 40 percent of the energy that powers General Motors' Orion Assembly Plant will come from methane captured from a nearby landfill site. This use of the landfill gas will reduce GM's energy costs by $1.1 million a ...

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    BMW expands landfill-methane electrical generation at Spartanburg plant

    Since 2002, BMW's assembly plant in Spartanburg, SC has been using methane captured from a nearby landfill site to fuel electrical generators. As part of the current expansion of the plant to support the addition of X3 production, BMW has invested another $12 million to expand power generation from ...

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    Georgia company quits cellulosic ethanol in favor of garbage methane

    The company formerly known as Xethanol Corp, is now known as Global Energy Holdings Group. As a renamed and reorganized company, it has dropped its focus on cellulosic ethanol in the face of falling ethanol prices. Instead, the company will take a more wide-ranging approach that includes tapping ...

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    Methane from landfills provides fuel for garbage trucks

    Talk about going full circle. A garbage truck running on methane picks up the trash out in front of your home and deposits it in a landfill. Over the next few years, that garbage begins to deteriorate, releasing methane gas in the process. That methane waste gas is captured and re-used by the same ...

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    Cooking biodiesel, Texas style

    Next time you're driving in Denton, Texas, and smell french fries or catfish from the big rig or school bus near by, don't cuss or give it the finger (unless it illegally cuts you off.) That vehicle is most likely powered by biodiesel made by a local company.Biodiesel Industries has contracted with ...

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    If Texas goes bio, is Big Oil in trouble?

    We could probably fill up the pages of this blog with all the different announcements of new biodiesel plants across the country (and the world), but I thought this one stood out from the others, just because it's in Texas. The Dallas Morning News reports the city of Denton in Northern Texas is ...


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