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    Report: Hawaii not enforcing EV charging station laws at big parking lots

    When it comes to enforcing a Hawaii state law mandating operators of large parking lots to provide electric-vehicle charging stations, the Aloha spirit is a little too laid back for some plug-in advocates. Long considered a pioneer for widespread plug-in vehicle adoption, Hawaii's having trouble ...

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    Official: California's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open Access Act would lower hurdles

    San Francisco and Los Angeles are known for their fog and smog, respectively, but at least the some folks representing the state of California want to make sure the view is crystal clear for plug-in drivers looking to juice up their vehicles. The EV Open Access Act, or SB454, was recently passed ...

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    House passes energy tax bill, White House threatens veto

    The House of Representatives passed the energy tax bill yesterday. The White House has threatened to veto the bill, but this one probably won't make it as far as the president's desk. Other bills similar to this energy tax bill died in the Senate but with $102 barrels of oil and $4 gallon of gas ...

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    Should solo Hummer drivers be allowed the HOV lane if they're carbon neutral?

    California bill SB 1374, if passed and signed into a law, would allow any car to join the HOV sticker program as long as that vehicle is carbon neutral. This would mean someone driving alone in a Hummer could legally be allowed into the HOV lane, if the Hummer's emissions were offset. Senator Jim ...

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    Iowa legislators to kill ethanol-pump-label law to increase ethanol sales

    By law, if a pump in Iowa provides gas that contains ten percent ethanol (an amount that is safe for almost all cars), the pump must have a label stating that the fuel contains ethanol. This can turn off some buyers who might be worried about the alcohol's lower energy content, and that equals ...

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    Local officials debate allowing NEVs on streets

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that administrator John Drury (above photo) is excited that the Tavares City Council is lifting restrictions on NEVs [neighborhood electric vehicles] and even putting in some charging stations. John says, "Wouldn't it be a fine day when people are driving NEVs to the ...

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    $2,500 "gas guzzler fee" bill pulled from California's assembly amid opposition

    California Assemblyman, Ira Ruskin has withdrawn a bill that would have put a one-time fee of $2,500 on the sale price of new gas guzzlers. If it made it into law, it would have been American's first feebate law, which would also provide a rebate of $2,500 for green cars. Ira has tried to enact a ...

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    Israeli government passes "green tax" on cars

    The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli government passed a "green tax" on cars Sunday. The tax was first proposed by Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On (pictured) and constructed by Boaz Sofer of the Tax Authority. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says "the state of Israel is doing its utmost to be ...

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    Tell the FTC how to regulate green ads before the Jan. 25 deadline

    digg_url = ''; The Federal Trade Commission held a public hearing Tuesday (Jan. 8) on how to regulate "green" advertising and they still want to know what you think. You can watch web-casts of the workshop and anyone is ...

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    California has low-resistance tire laws

    When I read the Detroit News article headlined Michelin responds with 'green' tires for California, an article about Michelin working with and not fighting California over tire regulation I thought, "That's great, a major corporation working with... wait a minute! California actually has a low ...

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    Soon, smoking in cars with children will be illegal in California

    Starting January 1st, 2008, just a few days from now, it will be illegal to smoke in a car with a minor (someone under the age of 18) in California. The "Smoke-free Cars with Minors" law covers parked cars and cars in motion, and the police can pull you over just to see if you are smoking with a ...

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    Bike sex case sparks privacy debate. Yes, as in sex with a bike (NSFW)

    digg_url = ''; Robert Stewart was having sex with a bike in his locked hostel room. Robert said he was drunk and his actions misunderstood but when cleaners knocked and there was no response, ...

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    China to make bicycle numbering and registration mandatory

    In China, you must register video games, blogs, online video, cars and very soon, your bike. In an attempt to cut down on theft, China is moving to a "real name" system for bikes. This is not the first time China has tried bike registration. In the past, China required bike registration with the ...

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    Drivers will not play a role in carbon law

    The United States government is in the early stages of crafting the nation's first carbon cap-and-trade law. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a white paper detailing the scope of the carbon law and one thing is already very clear: drivers won't be regulated directly because there ...

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    In Wisconsin, ethanol seller hit with a $12m lawsuit for selling cheap ethanol

    42 gas stations in Wisconsin are suing Utica Energy LLC and Renew E85 ethanol stations for, get this, selling ethanol too cheaply. The gas stations want $12 M and an injunction stopping Renew E85 from selling any more ethanol. Court records say Renew E85 sold the biofuel below a minimum price set ...

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    By law, electric car batteries must last 120,000 miles (or the real reason behind GM's battery leasing plans?)

    Update: Commenter Rgseidl tracked down the law (link is to pdf) and found it's actually 150,000 miles not 120,000. Also, commenter Chris M. points out the law may not apply to the Volt because technically a series hybrid may not be an electric car.I contacted GM about the recent ...

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    9 year old girl's $140,000 anti-idling ad campaign

    Anna Talman, 9, noticed it was hard to breathe when cars are idling. "I saw a car idling and thought it would be a problem because it was making it hard for me to breathe" she says. So she did what any other 9 year old would do. Move? No. She started a group, Edmonton's Children-Organized ...

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    Georgia law takes one minor step into biodiesel territory

    There were two minor laws relating to biodiesel use in Georgia in the Georgia General Assembly this year. The Southeast Farm Press reports that biodiesel was defined and that the state would move to biodiesel for its diesel vehicles.Senate Bill 636 defines biodiesel as a blended fuel of biodiesel ...


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