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lawless ev racing

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    Video: Don Garlits drives electric Swamp Rat #37 in preparation of record attempt

    "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is a legend in drag racing. Over the decades he's set a lot of records, and was the first to break hit 200 miles per hour in the quarter-mile (and the eighth-mile, for that matter). Now, at the tender age of 81, he's getting ready to do it again. This time, in an electric ...

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    Video: Quickest EV ever! Lawless Rocket exceeds 200 mph in under 7 seconds

    More power! That is the mantra often repeated by Shawn Lawless and his EV racing crew, and it looks like they got enough of the stuff last Friday to propel his Rocket drag bike down Virginia Motorsports Park's quarter-mile strip in 6.94 seconds at an impressive 201.37 miles per hour. That's ...

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    Two Wheels: Predator electric motorcycle sets new record with RC aircraft batteries

    When we saw the Predator electric drag bike last Spring, it was rockin' a pair of Toyota Prius battery packs. While it ran the quarter-mile quicker as quick as a Tesla Roadster with a time of 12.40 seconds at 94 miles an hour, its quickness wasn't quite as impressive as its Predator-themed ...

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    Megawatt battery blasts Lawless Rocket to new record [w/VIDEO]

    Larry "Spiderman" McBride, aboard the Lawless EV Racing Rocket, has officially lowered the electric drag-racing limbo bar down to 7.246 seconds while reaching a speed of 185.46 miles per hour. That's only five mph short of the record-making run Chip Yates made on four times the real estate. It ...

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    Prius-powered Predator outruns mega-watt Rocket [w/VIDEO]

    When we met Shawn Lawless and his electric drag-racing super bike at last fall's Manufacturers Cup at the South Georgia Motorsports Park (SGMP), we were impressed by the record-setting Rocket with its powerful A123 battery. When we heard he was coming back for the Spring event along with Jeff ...


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