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leaf battery

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    Official: Nissan prices replacement Leaf battery at $5,500
    This Drops New Pack Cost To Under $270-Per-kWh 1403898300

    The battery pack is the single most expensive component in a plug-in vehicle and, until now, figuring out the cost to replace one has been a bit of a mystery. Last year, Nissan tried a $100/month price for a new battery in its popular Leaf, but was loudly criticized for that attempt. Today, ...

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    Report: Nissan addresses Leaf battery woes, customer communication shortcomings

    Yep, that ought to do it. While the firestorm of controversy over the woes regarding the battery in the Nissan Leaf continues to rage, the company has stepped up to the inferno with a couple buckets of PR water and a promise to bring out a very large hose. According to a statement from Carla ...

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    Report: As owners sell, Ghosn promises cheaper battery for next-gen Nissan Leaf

    Nissan has been clear that the Nissan Leaf will keep on improving. Exactly how much cheaper the next-gen battery in future versions of the Leaf will be is still carefully protected information, but Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn is making sure that everyone knows a lower-cost Leaf will be ...

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    Report: Nissan dealing with charges of Leaf battery problems in Arizona [w/video]

    Some hot Arizona weather is cooling some Nissan Leaf owners' enthusiasm for their electric vehicles. Nissan is addressing complaints from five Arizona owners of Leafs who say the electric vehicles are losing battery capacity at a faster rate than advertised, reported KPHO, CBS's Phoenix ...

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    Report: After questions, Nissan still claims 80% capacity for Leaf battery after 5 years

    Fried batteries? Nissan has reiterated that its Leaf battery will maintain about 80 percent of its original capacity after five years of use. This comes after a number of drivers reported that their cars indicated battery deterioration after one year, Green Car Reports says. When Nissan first ...

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    Nissan: batteries in the Leaf are tough, even after earthquake beating

    Nissan representatives have long been proud of the durability of the air-cooled, 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that stores energy in the Leaf. Given the recent troubles that the liquid-cooled pack in the Chevy Volt has given GM, it's perhaps not surprising that Nissan wants to reassure – ...

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    Report: Need to replace a Nissan Leaf battery? How's £19,392 ($31,753 U.S.) sound?

    UK-based news outlet The Times (sub. req.) is reporting that the cost to replace the 24-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that provides the go-juice for the Nissan Leaf is a staggering £19,392 ($31,753 U.S. at the current exchange rate). The Times arrived at this figure after Andy Palmer, ...

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    2011 Nissan Leaf was "tortured" to make it safe

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've had plenty of discussion around here about the extensive testing that General Motors has been doing on the battery pack of the Chevrolet Volt, but considerably less on the pack for the Nissan Leaf, due to hit the streets at ...

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    Production of Nissan Leaf battery pack now underway in Japan

    Nissan Leaf battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the release date of the Nissan Leaf gets closer and closer, we eagerly await word on each and every production update. This latest bit of news rolling in relates to battery production. NEC, one of the joint venture ...

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    Plug-in 2010: Nissan announces Leaf rollout plans, 8-year battery warranty

    Nissan Leaf EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the Plug-in 2010 Conference in San Jose, CA today, Nissan North America's executive vice president, Carlos Tavares, announced that the Leaf's battery pack will be covered by an 8-year, 100,000-mile warranty – exactly what ...

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    WSJ: Nissan Leaf profitable by year three; battery cost closer to $18,000

    Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    A couple weeks ago, the Times of London reported that the battery in the Nissan Leaf cost the automaker around $9,000 to produce. We covered the story here, but were hesitant to agree with what seemed to be an incredibly low price. We ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf battery pack costs only £6,000 ($9,000) or $375/kWh!

    If a report in the Times of London is accurate, it would go a long way toward explaining Nissan's claims that the Leaf electric car will be profitable at just $33,000. The report, which focuses mainly on Nissan executive Andy Palmer, states that the 24 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack for ...


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