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lithium sulfur

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    Report: Lawrence Berkeley lab working on lithium sulfur battery that will outlast the car

    Oh man, there's another one of these studies on electric vehicle batteries that sounds too good to be true. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers are working on a breakthrough in lithium sulfur EV battery technology that could increase energy density to four times that of current ...

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    Lithium-sulfur and carbon nanowires could increase battery capacity 4X

    It was more than two years ago that we first heard of a potential battery breakthrough developed by Stanford University professor Yi Cui using carbon nanowires. The bundles of nanowires that comprise the battery anode have more room to swell while absorbing lithium ions without cracking, ...

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    Could a lithium sulfur be the next big battery breakthrough?

    Sulfur crystal from Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
    The main obstacle to the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is often said to be the current range limitations of battery technology. What if the energy density of batteries, and therefore the range of EVs, could be increased by 500 percent? ...


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