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    Official: Elio getting closer to building actual 84-mpg cars

    Elio Motors is taking its green-is-good mentality to its factory equipment. The company, which is planning to make super-light three-wheeled vehicles that get 84 miles per gallon, will finally start making trikes next year. The plan is to sell off extra equipment from an old General Motors ...

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    Official: UPS expands green fleet with 1,000 propane trucks

    "Brown" continues to try to get all the more "green" via propane. UPS, known for its famous brown vehicles, is adding to its fleet of alt-fuel trucks with an additional 1,000 propane-powered delivery trucks that will start going into service in the middle of this year in rural areas in Louisiana ...

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    Official: Elio high-mpg trike hits 10,000 reservations

    Our math says that there must be 71 people a day signing up for the Elio Motors super-fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle. Michigan-based Elio says it's surpassed the 10,000-reservation threshold for its car, which is slated to start production next year. About 6,300 had signed up as of the end ...

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    Official: Fourth-gen Elio model gets 86-mpg trike closer to production

    Elio Motors has unveiled the new design for its super-fuel-efficient three-wheeled commuter car, and we're already liking the covered-wheel effect. The company's new version was shown off in a lovely shade of orange, and if that color is a nod to the Denver Broncos and their upcoming appearance ...

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    Official: Elio Motors modifies high-mpg trike, now renting space at former GM plant

    Elio Motors, the company that wants to sell you an inexpensive, fuel-efficient three-wheeled commuter car, has taken a big step towards that dream. It now looks like it will have a factory roof under which to assemble its 84-mile-per-gallon, $6,800 offering, thanks to the Caddo Parish Industrial ...

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    Report: Elio moves to make $6,800, 84-mpg three-wheeler more real

    Tell a hip-hop fan you've got a vehicle with three-wheel motion and they'll think of low-riders, '64 Impalas and hydraulics. Michigan-based Elio Motors has another idea, and the Detroit News says it's a few beats closer to reality. Elio, which a few months ago made news when it agreed to buy an ...

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    Official: Elio Motors buys old GM plant in LA, plans to build 84-mpg, $6,800 trike [w/video]

    The story of Elio Motors goes back many years, but it has managed to stay well below the radar, mostly because there hasn't been much news. This has changed. Back in 2009, a reader pointed out that Elio was looking for DOE funds, but since then we haven't hears much about the company that ...

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    Automotive X-Prize: Global-E's G1 could be the shape of things to come

    Global E G1 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The team behind the Global-E is inspired by its Louisiana roots. You can tell by the message on the front end of the car, which reads "Louisiana Proud," and the license plate, which says "Our environment ... our future" and has a picture ...

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    V-Vehicle shows off prototype - no pictures - of plastic shelled, high-mpg car

    It's been ten months since we first heard about V-Vehicle Co. and its possible plan to begin building a high-mpg midsize vehicle by the end of 2010 or early 2011. Given the lack of information from V-Vehicle since then and the fact that the company did not get a $321.1 million DOE loan, things ...

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    V-Vehicle turned down for $321 million bid in DOE loans

    Start-up automaker V-Vehicle Co. received news Wednesday that its bid for $321.1 million in federal loans was denied. The loans were considered crucial to getting the company on its feet. The San Diego-based company, which to date has released little more than a series of teaser images and a ...

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    V-Vehicle's DOE $250m loan application still in limbo, so $87m in state incentives are lost

    We have yet to see anything more from V-Vehicle Co. – the secretive start-up automaker that came out of stealth mode last summer with a big plan to build high-mileage, environmentally friendly vehicles – than the teaser image you see above and a short video (watch it here). We heard ...

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    V-Vehicle Company video might reveal a few more details on upcoming high-mpg car

    They're nothing more than brief flashes on a screen and there's no guarantee that they represent the mysterious new vehicle announced last week, but the teaser images in a promotional video about V-Venture Co. from Louisiana Economic Development could be previewing the company's upcoming high-mpg ...

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    REPORT: New Louisiana auto plant not for Th!nk, will make high-mpg gas-powered cars [UPDATED]

    Fisker Karma - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Plans for a new auto plant will be unveiled later this morning in Ouachita Parish in northeastern Louisiana. We guessed earlier that the plant would be for the Th!nk CIty EV, but a new report from local newspaper The News Star indicates ...

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    Biofuels law making its way through the LA legislature

    Local Louisiana TV station KATC is reporting on a law that would require some fuel sold in Louisiana to have at least two percent biofuel blended in is making its way through the Louisiana Senate. One main sticking point is whether or not the biofuels will be required even if there is no market for ...

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    Louisiana will get two new biofuel plants

    It was announced Friday that two new biodiesel plants will be built in Louisiana, according to the Advocate and WBRZ 2 TV news. The two plants, to be built by a subsidiary of the Shaw Group for $1.5 billion, will be in West Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes and will initially produce 100 million ...


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