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    Official: Formula E opens FanBoost voting, lets drivers 'cheat' with fan support
    Social Media Can Literally Affect The Race 1414330200

    NASCAR, take note: this is one fun idea. FIA Formula E Championship organizers are letting the general public vote for their favorite racer in the first-ever electric-vehicle racing circuit. And the so-called FanBoost feature is far more than a popularity contest. The three highest vote getters ...

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    Motorsports: Formula E gets ready in Malaysia; Celtics owner invests in EV race series

    "There are no points for second place" may be a long-repeated mantra among anyone involved in competitive racing (or Top Gun fanatics, for that matter), but the folks of Putrajaya, Malaysia, seem to be OK with that position. City leaders recently feted an official agreement for Putrajaya to host ...

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    Official: Honda launches Jazz (Fit) Hybrid in Thailand

    Honda announced the official debut of its Jazz Hybrid in Thailand, marking the Japanese automaker's continued efforts to broaden its hybrid-vehicle production outside of Japan. The hybrid version of the Jazz, known as the Fit in the U.S., is gaining popularity in Asian markets outside of Japan, ...

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    Official: Honda will start making Jazz (Fit) hybrid in Malaysia

    Honda broke ground on a production line at its Malaysian factory that will make hybrid versions of the Jazz (as the Fit is known in markets outside the U.S.) – as well as other vehicles – in an effort to more than double hybrid sales in the country. The second line, which will start ...

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    Report: Malaysia exempts hybrids, plug-in vehicles from import, excise duties

    Make them exempt from import and excise duties and "robust growth" will follow. That's Malaysia's hybrid and plug-in vehicle scheme. From now through December of 2013, all hybrid and plug-in vehicles sold in Malaysia will be completely exempt from import and export duties. Malaysia's finance ...

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    GE, Naza Group to explore potential for electric vehicles in Malaysia

    General Electric and Malaysian automotive group Naza have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the potential for electric vehicles in Southeast Asian nation. GE Asean chief executive officer, Stuart Dean, expects strong synergies to result from the collaboration and says that the ...

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    Report: Proton's electric vehicle coming in the near future?

    ItalDesign-Giugiargo Proton Emas – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back in February, Malaysian automaker Proton, which owns the British sports car builder Lotus, displayed a hybrid concept vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. The propulsion system for that prototype model was ...

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    Detroit Electric goes Dutch with Europe Electric cars and Proton

    After showing practically no signs of life since being revived in a joint venture between Zap! and Youngman Automotive Group last February and officially striking out on its own less than a week ago, Detroit Electric has emerged, in Malaysia, as a Dutch company with $300 million in backing and a ...

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    Proton looking to offer a hybrid in 2 to 3 years

    Proton, the Malaysian state-owned automaker which also owns Lotus, is currently working on a hybrid vehicle which it hopes to bring to market in two to three years. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has already driven the car, and he's pushing Proton to get it ready as quickly as possible. Datuk ...

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    Detroit Electric to aid Proton get powered by electrons

    The Malaysian government has given the green light to national car maker Proton to begin "in-depth validation and testing" of electric cars. The announcement came after the Cabinet Committee on Inflation received a briefing on the role e-cars can have in reducing the consumption of petrol and ...

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    Dubai makes big biodiesel investment in Malaysia

    Photo by Soylentgreen23. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.As we noted when Dubai announced a test of GM Hybrids for taxi and limo service, just because the Emirate has a lot of oil doesn't mean it isn't interested in checking out alternatives. News is out today that the Dubai Group has ...

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    More palm-oil biodiesel plants popping up in Asia

    Indonesian corporation Sinar Mas Group is planning to build two massive new palm-oil biodiesel plants for fuel export to Europe and the U.S. The first of the two is to be built on the Indonesian island of Sumatra with an annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes with the second to be built in Malaysia with ...

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    Africa to become the world's biodiesel supplier?

    Crude palm oil (CPO), used extensively as a biodiesel feedstock in South East Asia, has seen its popularity go through the roof over the last few years as Europe's mandatory biodiesel targets have seen global demand boom. Despite the environmental concerns over large scale rainforest destruction to ...

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    Palm oil production and prices soar on back of biodiesel

    The price of palm oil, which has gained favour over the last few years as a cheap biodiesel feedstock, is soaring. Another relatively new use of palm oil is as a trans-fat substitute for use in processed food. But the oil palm, grown mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia, is not well liked - it has been ...

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    South East Asia expanding biodiesel feedstock production

    While rapeseed/canola continues to be the main biodiesel feedstock in Europe, and soy dominates U.S. biodiesel production, a host of other plants are moving biodiesel forward in other parts of the world. In the Philippines, the Biofuel Act is about to pass into law mandating the immediate use of ...

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    Shell and Malaysian Palm Oil Board in Joint Research on Straight Palm Oil Blending with Diesel

    Many different types oils have been proposed for use as fuels in diesel engines. Fortunately one of the inherent advantages of diesel engines is that they can run on a wide variety of liquid fuels. That flexibility means that many different feed stocks that can grow in different climates and in ...

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    Proton Savvy gets 55.76 mpg in Malaysian economy run

    A Proton Savvy used just 1.66 tanks of gas to cover a little over 1,000 miles in a journey across . That run set a national fuel economy record for a standard showroom vehicle above 1,000cc. The vehicle recorded fuel economy of 4.218 liter per 100km, which equates to 55.76mpg. The Savvy is powered ...

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    Malaysia spends big on 20 biodiesel projects

    The government of Malaysia approved 1.9 billion ringgits (if my calculation is correct, that's about 526 million USD) towards 20 biodiesel projects, and 64 percent of those were domestic projects, according to today's Business Times out of Malaysia. The announcement came as the PetrolWorld Asia ...

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    Forest conservation beats fuel conservation

    While the U.S. has a corn surplus, countries like Malaysia do not necessarily have sufficient production capacity for the commodities needed for biofuel production. While NGO's and Foreign Environmental activists have claimed that Malaysia has cleared its forest cover to plant oil palm, the ...


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