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    Recharge Wrap-up: BlaBlaCar raises $100M, NASA launches CO2 satellite
    Mazda2 With Rotary Range Extender Likely 1404657420

    BlaBlaCar, a ridesharing startup in Europe, has raised $100 million in a funding round led by Index Ventures. After recently growing to 12 countries and 8 million users, BlaBlaCar plans to us the funding for even more aggressive growth throughout Europe. The ridesharing service pairs drivers and ...

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    Official: Mazda Demio EV leasing begins in Japan in October

    Looks like Mazda is going to do some "Zoom Zoom" of the quieter variety. The company will start leasing the Demio EV in Japan in October, as the Japanese automaker takes slow steps towards electric-drive-vehicle availability. The battery-electric version of the Demio, which sells as the Mazda2 ...

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    Study: Mazda Demio SkyActiv tops Japan's "Eco Cars" survey, Toyota Prius number 2

    Mazda's slightly remodeled Demio (aka the Mazda2 in this neck of the woods) subcompact has topped Japan's latest "Eco Cars" survey conducted by research firm SC-Abeam Consulting. The facelifted Demio is the first to feature Mazda's 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine. The Demio, which starts at ...

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    Mazda Demio orders soar to 13,500 in single month in Japan

    First-month orders for the slightly remodeled Mazda Demio (aka the Mazda2 in this neck of the woods) have soared to 13,500 units, more than double Mazda's original 6,000-unit monthly target. Additionally, Mazda says the number of Demios registered in Japan during the month of July exceeded ...

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    Mazda prices facelifted Demio (Mazda2) at $14,240 in Japan

    On Thursday, Mazda launched the its slightly remodeled Demio (aka the Mazda2 in this neck of the wood) subcompact in Japan. The facelifted Demio is the first vehicle to get Mazda's fuel-saving 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine. The Demio, which starts at 1.15 million yen ($14,240 U.S. at the ...

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    Mazda reveals facelifted Demio with SkyActiv 1.3-liter engine

    Mazda has revealed its updated Demio (known in the U.S. as the Mazda2) and has opened the order books for the freshened compact vehicle over in Japan. Along with a minor facelift, the five-door hatchback now sports the automaker's direct-injected, 1.3-liter SkyActiv gasoline engine. With an ...

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    VW Jetta TDI tops Consumer Reports eco roundup, Honda CR-Z scores too low to recommend

    Fuel efficiency is rapidly becoming one of the most influential determining factors when new car shoppers go looking for their next vehicle. And, as our friends at Consumer Reports correctly point out, earning top fuel efficiency marks generally means shopping in one of three categories: diesels, ...

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    Report: Next Mazda2 could hit 70 mpg and be world's most efficient gas model

    2011 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2011 Mazda2 is a hoot to drive. It's a lithe, driver-focused machine that's entertaining despite its lack of power. This Mazda, like most cars from the automaker, places a priority on the driving experience, but in doing so, falls ...

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    Paris preview: Mazda2 gets a facelift, 3 and 5 get new diesel engines

    2011 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When Mazda announced that it would be bringing its diminutive 2 to America at the Los Angeles Auto Show last December, it gave the B-segment hatch a mild facelift compared to the version that had been on sale in Europe and Asia for some ...

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    Mazda2 will prepare company for looming gas price hikes

    2011 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mazda chief executive officer Jim O'Sullivan believes that the company's timing for the launch of the Mazda2 couldn't be better. Despite low gas prices and platform-mate Ford Fiesta rolling onto the scene at the same time, Mazda remains ...

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    Japan kicks off solar-to-electric test fleet featuring converted Mazda2 EVs

    2010 Mazda2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's an ultimate dream for many who aim to own an electric vehicle one day, and, over in Japan at least, it's becoming a reality. The dream, charging an EV from the sun's rays, is possibly the most emissions-free method of driving ...

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    2011 Mazda2 dealer order guide surfaces on the interwebs

    2011 Mazda2 – click above for high-res image gallery
    You only have two more months to wait for the Mazda2 to appear in your local showroom, but you can start practicing your mixing and matching right now with the newly freed dealer order guide. The 2011 Mazda2 starts at $13,980 plus a $750 ...

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    Mazda's new Sky powertrains coming in 2011, 2012 with up to 43 mpg

    Mazda has announced plans to launch its new Sky Concept powertrains in the U.S. beginning in 2011. The Sky technologies will help the brand meet its goal of reducing fuel consumption by 30 percent by 2015. The Sky technologies include a Sky-G engine, a Sky-Drive transmission and a Sky-D ...

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    LA 2009: Mazda unveils North American spec Mazda2

    2011 Mazda2 - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 2011 Ford Fiesta may have been the big B-segment reveal last night, but Mazda has finally decided to bring its own compact runabout to North America, and it's based on the same architecture as it Blue Oval sibling. Originally launched in ...

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    Mazda2 to be basis of electric vehicle test fleet

    2010 Mazda2 (Thailand-spec) - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Until now, Mazda's most notable alternative fuel programs have been the hydrogen-powered Wankel rotaries currently being used in an RX-8 test fleet. The "Zoom-Zoom" automaker has acknowledged plans to build new hybrid-powered ...

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    LA Preview: Mazda2 to make its North American debut

    2011 Mazda2 - click above for high-res image gallery
    Mazda made it official this morning that it will be bringing the B-segment 2 to the North American market late next year. The current generation Mazda2 has been sale in Europe and elsewhere for two years but we'll be seeing it here for the ...

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    Mazda brings new diesel engines in Mazda 2 in June

    Mazda2 - Click above for a complete gallery
    Mazda announced last fall it would be phasing out the current 1.4-liter diesels in the Mazda2 hoods with new 1.6-liter units. Starting in June, the new 1.6-liter will be available in the 2. This is the same powertrain found at the 2's larger sibling, ...

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    Canada to get the Mazda2 within a year

    Mazda2 - click above for a high res gallery
    Toronto's Globe and Mail is reporting that Canadian car buyers will soon have a new small car option available when Mazda introduces it's B-segment 2. The little 2 shares its underpinnings with the Ford Fiesta and Mazda has hinted in the past at offering ...

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    Mazda2 may come to America after all

    Click the Mazda2 for a high-res gallery
    When the new Mazda2 debuted at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show many of us were disappointed to learn that it probably would not be coming to the US market. Times have changed, though, and It now looks like the car might actually make it here in the second half of ...

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    Mazda places second in World MPG Marathon

    Click above to enlarge
    Toyota is rightfully proud of the fact that it managed to achieve the highest specific average fuel economy during the recent World MPG Marathon with a diesel-powered Yaris. In fact, the automaker says that it "dominated" the contest. That Yaris managed an extremely high ...


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