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    Video: Pump: The Movie, wants to crush America's addiction to oil

    if you've ever felt like going to the gas station was in some ways similar to a junkie visiting a dealer, we've got the movie for you. Pump: The Movie is coming to theaters next month and it looks like it's going to put the addiction to oil message front and center. We like the movie's ...

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    Report: Cheap metal-free catalyst could replace platinum in H2 fuel cells

    Some automakers want to get serious about bringing hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles to market if a big wall can be climbed – the one that puts the cost of H2 vehicles out of reach for some OEMs and at least $50,000 for others. That number could slide down thanks to researchers from South ...

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    Study: Turbocharged, alcohol-fed, direct injection engines could offer diesel-like efficiency

    Diesel engines are the workhorses of the heavy-duty vehicle segment. Oil burners have abundant low-end torque which, coupled with inherent higher efficiency than gas engines, make them ideally suited for heavy hauling applications. But what if a turbocharged, high-compression, alcohol-fed, ...

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    China turns to methanol for flex-fuel cars

    Methanol is an unusual alcohol. For one thing, it can be used in fuel cells instead of hydrogen. It is also used by homebrewers to make biodiesel. Alternatively, it can be used in internal combustion engines instead of gasoline (see: drag racing). In China, methanol has just been approved by the ...

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    Nissan to deploy methanol fuel cell material handling equipment

    Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee assembly plant will soon be cutting its CO2 emissions and improving productivity. The plant is retrofitting 60 material handling tugs that are used to move parts around with new methanol fuel cells. The tugs are currently fitted with lead acid batteries that have to be ...

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    Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel to enter production?

    Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Could the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel enter production? According to a post on Lotus Enthusiast, that's an entirely real possibility due to interest from Youngman Auto, which is the British automaker's Chinese partner. It seems ...

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    Motor Trend's Top Ten Technologies have a decidedly green tint

    Looking back on 2008, it seems that the biggest stories that shaped the automotive landscape had more to do with gas prices and economic conditions than the vehicles themselves. Regardless, there are quite a few new technologies that are just starting to make waves, and many of them are intended to ...

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    Lotus throws its weight behind methanol

    Click above for hi-res gallery of the Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel British sportscar-maker and engineering firm Lotus may be known for its lightweight vehicles, but in the industry it still packs a punch as a heavyweight. It's that weight which Lotus is throwing behind methanol as the most viable ...

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    Whence the pickup truck based on a G-Wiz?

    At first we thought somebody out there was exercising their ninja photoshop skillz but then it occurred to us that those folks would probably not be busying themselves with the likes of the G-Wiz. No, this had to be the product of a mind so sick, so twisted, that it created the original Reva G-Wiz, ...

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    Geneva '08: Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel runs on gas, ethanol and methanol

    Click the Exige for a high-res gallery var digg_url = ''; Back in mid-2006, Lotus unveiled a flex-fuel E85-capable Exige 265E that was being used as a technology demonstrator. Lotus has used the 265E to learn about ...

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    Robert Zubrin talks about requiring all cars to be flex-fuel capable

    Robert Zubrin has new book on gaining petroleum independence by switching from imported oil to alcohol fuels. He wants Congress to require that all new cars and trucks built be flex-fuel capable. There's an interesting interview done by Glenn Reynolds and Helen Smith on their podcast. Zubrin ...

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    China investing in something worse than bad ethanol: methanol

    Here we're quite happy to report about progress on the so-called "Second Generation" biofuels, such as cellulosic ethanol, which yield cleaner results than "First Generation" ones like corn ethanol. However, there is also something that the French site MoteurNature calls "Zero Generation" biofuel: ...

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    EVS23: AutoblogGreen Q&A on Smart Fuel Cell's methanol fuel cells

    Say "fuel cell" to someone in the auto industry and I bet you dollars to donuts that they'll think you're talking about hydrogen. Well, I'll make the bet unless you're speaking to Dr. Jens Müller or Dr. Peter Podesser of Smart Fuel Cells. These two men were in Anaheim for EVS23 to showcase ...

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    TMO Renewables claims to have found the ethanol "silver bullet"

    "We believe what we've found is not far from the silver bullet, and our demonstration plant will be about showing that. We have the organism people have dreamt of -- it eats nearly anything and it makes ethanol really quickly." - Hamish Curran TMO Renewables CEO The organism that Curran is speaking ...

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    Amyris Biotechnologies working to create synthetic biofuels

    Ethanol, methanol and butanol all share a common thread. Besides all being alcohols which are used as fuels, some to a greater degree than others, they can also be manufactured via standard chemical reactions. None of them seem to offer the perfect replacement for petroleum based gasoline. Here is ...

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    Anthony J. Gerst from gives his opinions on hemp's suitability as a fuel source

    Should we be adding hemp to the growing list of crops for alternative fuels that are better than our current use of corn for ethanol? That is an idea proposed by Anthony J. Gerst over at Anthony surmises that hemp could produce 600 gallons of methanol per acre. Methanol, being an ...

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    Interview with Karl Jacob, the man behind the 1000 horsepower E85 Viper

    Karl Jacob, the man behind the E85 Viper we featured the other day, was recently interviewed by AutoblogGreen. He said he hopes to clear up some misinformation on ethanol and share his experiences with our readers. So, without further ado, Karl Jacob: ABG: The first question on many minds is ...

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    How would you like to turn your trash into gas?

    In America, we have trash, and lots of it. Remember in "Back to the Future", when Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd, grabbed garbage from a can, dropped it into the back of his time-machine and fueled its time circuitry with it? This is nothing like that. But, it is pretty cool if they can get it to ...

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    Yamaha to unveil hydrogen fuel-cell scooter at EVS-22

    At last year's Tokyo Motor Show, Yamaha introduced a fuel cell scooter called the FC-me. It ran on a liquid methanol-water solution and its size and performance would have fit nicely in the 50cc gas-fueled class. This year, Yamaha is upping the ante with the FC-AQEL, a 125cc comparable two-wheel ...

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    Veloform offers methanol fuel cell "Bicy-Taxis"

    Fuel Cell Works is reporting that Veloform has announced the release of a fuel cell-powered, three-wheeled bicycle called the City Cruiser II. You may recognize the familiar shape of the vehicles as Veloform is the maker of the Bicy-Taxis shown at New York's Ecofest a couple months ago.The City ...


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