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    Study: Psychology can wipe out 20-25% of your EV's range

    There are two primary takeaways from a recent study of electric-vehicle driving habits in Germany. One: an electric vehicle with 25 percent of its battery charge left creates the same reaction in drivers as the fuel needle on "E" in a gas-powered car. Two: familiarity breeds comfort. The study, ...

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    Spy Shots: Next-gen Mini E Coupe caught uncovered in Germany

    It's no surprise that Mini is working on an updated Mini E electric vehicle. Just a few weeks ago, the automaker's brand manager, Peter Schwarzbauer, said an electric Mini "fits perfectly with the brand, and I am convinced that we will offer a suitable solution." After all, parent company BMW has ...

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    Report: BMW could revive all-electric Mini

    BMW spent years evolving the all-electric powertrain it introduced in the Mini E back in 2008. The first big change was when the original Mini E was cancelled and the ActiveE was introduced in 2011. Then we have the quantum leap into the i3. If a report over on BMW Blog is correct, we might one ...

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    Exclusive: Teeny-tiny Cars: Are they cheap and fuel-efficient enough to justify their drawbacks?

    The San Francisco US press launch of the teeny-tiny two-seat 2008 Smart Fortwo involved an interesting presentation and drive experience. I learned that its history dates back to the late 1980s when SMH (Swatch watches) CEO Nicolas Hayek decided that a substantial number of people wanted a small, ...

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    Official: BMW offers history lesson on 40 years of electric vehicle efforts

    If nothing else, we can thank BMW for giving us the rare opportunity to post a picture of one of its classic, super-boxy '70s models. In this case, it's an electrified version of its 1602, the progenitor to the popular 2002. The 1602 was the German automaker's first foray into electric-vehicle ...

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    Exclusive: BMW gets "Born Electric" on tour, lays out electric vehicle, carbon fiber plans

    For the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, BMW will show off a new i3 concept – "admittedly a tease," we were told – and not some sort of plug-in i4, as had been rumored. While we won't be seeing the production version of the city electric, the good news is that each iteration of the ...

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    After 36,000 solar-powered miles, MiniE driver ready to make the switch to BMW ActiveE (and an SUV)

    The name Peder Norby should be familiar to anyone who's been involved with BMW's all-electric MiniE program. The driver of MiniE #183 has put 36,000 sun-powered miles on his EV and has long been a strong proponent of getting more people to make the shift to electric vehicles. His latest target? ...

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    BMW 1 Series Active E, Mini E to be on duty at the 2012 Olympics

    As an automotive partner of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, BMW will supply a staggering 4,000 vehicles for use during the games. Though most of the fleet will consist of sedan versions of BMW's EfficientDynamics-badged 320d and 520d, 200 vehicles will be the pure-electric type. Rumor had it ...

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    Mini E drivers adapt to their electric vehicles

    While the battery-powered Mini E certainly has some limitations – like two seats instead of four and a real-world driving range that's well below 100 miles – it seems that the vast majority of Mini E drivers have adapted to the vehicle's shortcomings and are extremely pleased with ...

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    Mini E driver hits 1,000 recharges; racks up 54,000 miles

    When BMW launched the Mini E lease program, some potential drivers were disappointed that they would only get to pilot the electrified hatch for 12 months. Later, at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, Mini USA announced an extension of the lease program, allowing current Mini E drivers to retain their ...

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    Mini E fleet trials enter phase two in Berlin

    BMW Group, along with Vattenfall Europe, has announced that the Mini E field trial in Berlin, Germany is entering phase two. In total, seventy of the electrified Minis will hit the roads, with 30 going to private customers and 40 earmarked for fleet users. The aim of the trial, funded by the ...

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    Mini E driver offers electric vehicle critic some real life experience

    Washington Post writer Charles Lane recently wrote an article called "Cold truths about electric cars' cold-weather shortcomings." The piece was inspired by his experience being stuck in traffic for six hours due to last week's snowstorm. During the ordeal, he found a silver lining – he ...

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    Tesla superfan to confront BBC EV hachet job team, gets Fully Charged

    BBC's Brian Milligan pondering how to plug in a Mini E
    When most people take issue with the quality of media coverage of a certain issue – for instance, the adequacy of electric cars to travel from London to Edinburgh, depending only on a nascent public charging infrastructure to juice up ...

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    BMW prepares for ActiveE trials with forum, new app; some Mini E leases extended

    Since its launch in 2008, participants in the Mini E program, a lease program for the 612 all-electric Mini Es, had no official electronic communication system with BMW regarding their electric vehicles. This is why lessees often resorted to posting their questions and frustrations on MINI E's ...

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    How BMW created electric vehicle advocates through Mini E program

    The Mini E formula seemed questionable when the details were first released. Were people willing to shell out $850 a month to drive a converted Mini Cooper that only seats two and has a 100-mile range? That question was answered earlier this year when BMW offered year-long lease renewals to ...

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    BMW releases electrifying results from first phase of Mini E trials in UK

    Mini E – Click above for high-res image gallery
    With the second half of the Mini E's twelve-month long field trial in the UK underway, parent company BMW has decided that now is as good a time as any to release its so-called "objective data" obtained during the first three months of the ...

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    Paris Preview: Mini electric concept drives on two wheels

    Mini Scooter E concept– Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mini has shared plans with its Facebook fans (all 370,702 of them, making the automaker even more popular than David Hasselhoff) to bring its latest electric concept to the Paris Motor Show. Sporting the colors and insignia of ...

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    Autocar discovers the Mini E is long-haul capable, provided you aren't in a hurry

    MINI E – click above for high-res image gallery
    The gents over at Autocar set out on a mission that would've been all but impossible a few years back. The mission: drive across England in an electric car with nothing but a length of electrical cord. Seemed simple enough, but the task of ...

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    British Mini E driver upset that he has to give back car

    MINI E – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW has handled its Mini E test program quite differently in the United States and Europe and at least one British test driver isn't happy. In America, people who signed up for the program were given one-year leases at the start of the program ...

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    Half of Mini E lessees renew for another year, price dropped to $600/month

    MINI E – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Mini made a bold decision to offer its electric prototype to consumers for a year-long trial. Sure, there were a few issues here and there, but the overall experience was reportedly quite enjoyable. As BMW gets ready to mass produce electric ...


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