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    Two Wheels: Mugen debuts new Shinden electric motorcycle for TT Zero race
    Now includes tech from Mission Motors 1396969140

    To say that John McGuinness will win this year's TT Zero on the Isle of Man, riding the Shinden San for Team Mugen, and that his closest competitor will likely be his new teammate Bruce Anstey, would not be the boldest of predictions. MotoCsysz, the team that's dominated the previous four ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission Motorcycles sues co-founder, counter-suit expected

    Mission Motorcycles is not Mission Motors. We say that off the start to avoid confusion about what follows. Mission Motors was started in San Francisco a few years back after exploding from its stealth cocoon, known as Hum Cycles. Mission Motorcycles was started much more recently by three ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission Motorcycles announces all-electric limited edition RS and R sportbikes

    Ever since Mission Motors first showed off its electric motorcycle technology demonstrator, the Mission R, a chorus of would-be riders have strongly suggested that it be made available for sale. That advice has finally been taken to heart with the creation of a new entity, Mission Motorcycles, ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission Motors unbreaks our hearts, teases street-legal electric motorcycle

    You know the feeling you get when the hottie you have a big crush on starts dating someone else, which breaks your heart, but then that relationship suddenly ends and your petit chou fleur is romantically-available again and your heart becomes unbroken? (Just indulge us and say, "Yes.") Well, ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission R ride reveals why electric motorcycles rock

    We've been smitten with the Mission R electric motorcycle from Mission Motors since it was first revealed at the tail end of 2010. It looks beautiful, both stripped down naked or dressed up just enough to be street legal. Now living in something of an active retirement after handily winning the ...

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    Video: Jay Leno checks out the Mission Motors Mission-R electric motorcycle

    The crew from Mission Motors took the time to stop by Jay Leno's Garage to give the comedian a peek at the Mission-R electric motorcycle. The machine uses 14-kWh lithium-ion batteries paired with a 120-kilowatt motor, which means there's around 161 horsepower on hand. Mission says the combination ...

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    Two Wheels: Mission Motors electric racer stalks the streets of San Francisco, sends data home over wireless

    If you happen to notice a drop-dead sexy motorcycle stalking the streets of San Francisco in stealth mode, it's quite likely to be the Mission R from Mission Motors. Yes, the very same all-electric machine that won last year's joint TTXGP - FIM ePower race at Laguna Seca might now be spied on its ...

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    Two Wheels: The 2011 Milan International Motorcycle Show will be electric

    There are forecasts that the electric scooter and motorcycle market will see significant growth over the next few years and the 2011 edition of the Milan International Motorcycle show (EICMA) looks set to bear witness to those predictions. Of course, we've seen some awesome reveals there before, ...

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    Mission Motors attracts $9 million, closes B investment round

    The past twelve months have been pretty good for Mission Motors and a fresh $9 million investment injection should make the next twelve that much better. After turning their backs on their original raison d'etre, the San Francisco startup launched the Mission EVT components division and ...

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    Mission Motors Rapps up TTXGP/FIM e-Power race at Laguna Seca

    During a weekend that was everything we thought it would be, Steve Rapp handed Mission Motors a very convincing win at the TTXGP/FIM e-Power International Championship race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The 39.995 seconds that separated him from the 2nd-place finisher at the end of the contest ...

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    Video: Steve Rapp lays down record lap at Refuel Sport Electric TT for Mission Motors

    The recent Refuel SportElectric TT at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca not only saw the best four-wheel electric lap ever, it also offered Mission Motors the opportunity to finally show off its hawt Mission R in motion and come home with some shiny trophy hardware. Mission's 1:43.728 hot lap is ...

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    Mission R naked pics reveal secrets of design sorcery

    Mission Motors Mission R naked – Click above for high-res image gallery
    If you thought the race-ready Mission R from Mission Motors looked totally hot all buttoned up and ready to roll, wait until you see it fully naked. Granted, it still has its shoes on but we think that only adds to ...

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    Mission Motors reveals race-ready Mission R

    Mission Motors Mission R – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Mission R cut a seductive silhouette in a teaser shot from Mission Motors that presaged its arrival. Now, with its public debut scheduled for later today at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, the lights have ...

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    California Energy Commission leverages green transport with $9.6 million

    The California Energy Commission has just approved grants to provide investment for eight recipients that should result in both greener transport and job creation. The $9.6 million disbursement is to be matched with $11,969,855 in private funds and hope abounds for hundreds of job to result. Some ...

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    MissionEVT hybrid components appear in high performance Honda CR-Z hybrids

    MissionEVT components integrated into Honda HPD CRZ hybrids – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We mentioned last week that Honda had a bevy of hot CR-Z hybrids at their stand during the SEMA show, including a pair from the Honda Performance Development, Inc. (HPD) division. In a ...

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    Mission Motors teases with racy silhouette of Mission R

    If you were worried that the recent announcement by Mission Motors of a new drivetrain division meant an end to the company's future motorcycle plans, the release of a new teaser image should calm you down. Appearing on their freshly revised website, a silhouette of the "Mission R" shows an ...

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    Mission Motors launches MissionEVT, unveils high-performance EV bling at SEMA

    MissionEVT high-performance electric and hybrid powertrain components – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At Mission Motors, it's not just about motorcycles anymore. With the unveiling of a sweet looking lineup of electric and hybrid componentry today at SEMA, the company launches a ...

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    TTXGP alumni mostly absent at Infineon as first U.S. race line-up announced

    The TTXGP begins its first weekend of electric motorcycle road racing on American soil at Infineon Raceway the 14th of May and the starting line-up features big surprises both by inclusion and absentia. The two biggest bombshells have to be the no-shows of Isle of Man alumni Brammo and Mission ...

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    Mission Motors delays Mission One, announces next electric motorcycle

    Mission Motors Mission One – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Proving once again how difficult it is to bring an entirely new product to market – especially one as difficult to master as an electric motorcycle – is California-based Mission Motors, which just recently ...

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    Zongshen signals intent to invest in Mission Motors

    Mission Motors Mission One – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Powerhouse Chinese motorcycle manufacturer Zonghshen has signaled its intent to invest in California-based Mission Motors. At this point, nothing more than a letter of intent has been signed, but the deal would give ...


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