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    By The Numbers: August 2013: Everything's Coming Up Green Edition

    After plateauing earlier this year, US green car sales are settling into a steady pattern of chalking up year-over-year increases in the 30 percent to 50 percent range. Last month, Toyota and Ford both sold their hybrids to a broader range of customers. Plug-in vehicle sales also received a boost ...

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    By The Numbers: July 2013: Good Times With Green Car Sales Edition

    Americans appear to be re-embracing their inner tree-hugger, as the growth in US green-car sales again accelerated last month. July ended up having the second-fastest growth rate of the year. July US sales of hybrids, plug-ins and diesels jumped 50 percent from 2012. July US sales of ...

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    Hyundai adds average window-label mpg to monthly sales results

    Reporting sales-weighted Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) on a monthly basis is apparently too confusing for consumers. Therefore, Hyundai has to decided to add in some more accurate fuel economy numbers to the monthly mix. Starting with the posting of its September U.S. sales results, ...


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