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    Official: Montreal sets new EV gathering record: 431

    The Nissan Leaf models are the easiest to spot, since they dominate the foreground. But Tesla Model S EVs and Chevy Volt plug-in hybrids are represented as well. Look a little closer and you'll see a Ford Focus Electric and Mistubishi i EVs. And is that a Cadillac ELR we see? Yes, it's kind of ...

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    Official: Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Sedan in Montreal could mean US debut soon

    The official word on the North American plans for the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Sedan is that the Japanese company wants to ask Canadians what they think of the four-door, three-cylinder before deciding if the car will go on sale here. There are hints, though, that the plan is a bit more set in stone ...

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    Official: Car2Go says 'Bonjour' to carsharing in Montreal

    Christmas, or "Noel" to French Canadians, is coming a little early for carsharing enthusiasts in the Montreal area. Car2go, the all-Smart Fortwo carsharing division owned by Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler, will start service in that city on November 2. Car2go will debut in Montreal with 250 ...

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    Official: Communauto all-electric carsharing program charges up in Montreal

    No gas, no residential permit required for parking, mon dieu! Yes, Montreal is the site of Canada's first all-electric car sharing program, which will be operated by longtime car-sharing service Communauto and will be used to collect data on the region's driving habits. The program, which will ...

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    Video: Lito Green Motion's electric Sora zooms into sight, promises to arrive this summer

    It's been a year since we first saw computer-generated renderings of the Sora electric motorcycle from Lito Green Motion and we've been (less-than-patiently) waiting to see it in action ever since. Happily, that wait is now over. On the eve of its exhibition to the well-heeled hordes at the Top ...

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    Montreal working on new car-sharing program called Communauto

    According to CBC News, Montreal is jumping into the car-sharing game. The city is set introduce a pay-by-the-minute network of 400 vehicles spread through downtown, similar to the already-in-place Bixi bike sharing system. The idea is that patrons would be able to nab any car at any time without ...

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    Montreal's 1,300-plus bus fleet going all electric by 2025

    The city of Montreal is serious about going electric and, as proof, it will convert its entire fleet of buses over to the electric variety by 2025. If successful, Montreal should become the first North American city able to lay claim to an all-electric bus fleet. 2025 is quite a long ways away, ...

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    Could Montreal replace its Grand Prix with an electric car endurance race?

    As a reward for its great efforts to unfailingly host a successful Formula 1 Grand Prix in a world class venue year after year, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has decided to stop bringing its high-horsepower racing show to Montreal. Citizens of this ultra-cool city, who gathered in ...

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    Bombardier signs $485 million dollar contracts for hybrid locomotives

    Canadian-based train manufacturer Bombardier announced two contracts to supply hybrid locomotives in North-America. According to Bombardier, these two will be the first deliveries of such technology, which uses diesel and/or electricity to power the locomotives. The contracts were signed with the ...

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    Paris, San Francisco and now Montreal - bike sharing the world over

    We know that car sharing is becoming more and more popular around the world, but who knew so many cities were trying to be the next first thing when it comes to bike sharing? Is there some sort of bicycle primary coming up, and the earlier these cities get on board, the better off they think ...

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    Montreal joins biodiesel and hybrid bus movement

    The transit system in Montreal is about to hop on the biodiesel bandwagon to reduce their environmental impact. By the fall of 2008 the transition from petroleum to biodiesel should be complete. The existing engines will not require any modifications and maintenance costs should actually be ...


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