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    Report: The unexpected connection between Chevy Volt and electric Harley LiveWire

    It's approximately 385 miles from Detroit to Milwaukee. With former General Motors executive Jim Federico helping to lead Harley-Davidson's rather quiet trek into the electric-vehicle age, that distance theoretically just got quite a bit shorter. Now, if we only knew how many full charges it will ...

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    Official: EPA levies another fine on engine importer for Clean Air Act violations

    If nothing else, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing its best to ensure that not too much of that notorious Beijing smog wafts its way over here. The regulator once again smacked a China-based maker of recreational vehicles and engines with a penalty for violating the country's ...

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    Two Wheels: Ethanol group says motorcyclists protesting E15 is 'absurd' [w/video]

    It's not quite the Hells Angels at Altamont, but another biker group is being accused of piling on, this time by ethanol advocates. Members of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to lobby against the legalization of selling a 15-percent ethanol-gasoline ...

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    Report: E-scooter, motorcycle sales will dwarf plug-in cars' by end of decade

    Plug-in cars may be a lot larger than electric scooters and e-motorcycles, but when it comes to numbers sold, two-wheelers will outnumber four-wheelers by a huge margin by the decade's end, Pike Research says. It's a global trend that will be led by big organizations. Demand from fleet operators ...

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    Two Wheels: Dan Hanebrink's Hustler X5 electric sportsbike a true looker

    It's certainly a long way from Pee-Wee Herman and his bike. We think it's just as cool, though. California-based aerospace engineer Dan Hanebrink is pitching four electric-powered bike models, including one that's a lot closer to motorcycle than bicycle. Hanebrink's Hustler X5 is a sporty ...

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    Video: Lessons learned spinning around Hong Kong on a Brammo Enertia

    A biker in Hong Kong shot video for 20 minutes riding an electric Brammo Enertia. Here's a few observations from viewing it, which you can do below: The Enertia doesn't have a mild humming electric motor, like the Nissan Leaf. It's a piercing noise that cranks up while driving uphill and ...

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    Official: KillaJoule 3-wheel electric motorcycle hits record 216.5 mph at Bonneville

    "My hobbies are fast cars and fast women," Cruiser famously said in Bill Murray's 1981 hit comedy "Stripes." Well, Cruiser, one out of two ain't bad. Last week, Eva Håkansson, who's been hard at work building her KillaJoule high-speed electric motorcycle for the past couple of years, set ...

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    Two Wheels: Brammo gets GE Capital financing to sell more e-bikes

    More plug-in motorcycles? We're in, says General Electric. GE Capital reached an agreement with Brammo to provide financing necessary for the e-bike maker to expand its inventory. The agreement will help Oregon-based Brammo expand its dealer network. This isn't the first time GE has stood behind ...

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    Video: Brammo Empulse RR hangs with racing bikes at racetrack

    OK, so the electric bike had a ringer on it. Big deal. Former AMA Pro Superbike rider Steve Atlas decided to have some fun with a Brammo Empulse RR e-bike at Portland International Raceway, racing some club riders on 600cc motorcycles during some warm-up laps, according to Hell For Leather ...

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    Video: Jay Leno checks out the Mission Motors Mission-R electric motorcycle

    The crew from Mission Motors took the time to stop by Jay Leno's Garage to give the comedian a peek at the Mission-R electric motorcycle. The machine uses 14-kWh lithium-ion batteries paired with a 120-kilowatt motor, which means there's around 161 horsepower on hand. Mission says the combination ...

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    Official: Honda previews Small Sports EV and AC-X plug-in concepts for Tokyo

    Honda plans to take to the Tokyo Motor Show this December with the largest display of any automaker in attendance. The company will show off a range of production and concept vehicles, including a slew of motorcycles.

    The car side of the line will offer visitors the chance to get cozy with a ...

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    Electric motorcycles Evolve with Titanium, Neon and Helium unveiling

    Evolve motorcycles has unveiled its trio of upcoming two-wheeled electric scooters motorcycles in The Big Apple. The two-wheeling firm says its motorcycle are an affordable solution to urban transportation. Evolve's fall unveiling showcases its three upcoming electric two-wheelers – ...

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    Report: Poop-powered Toto toilet tricycle to trek across Japan

    Grab a newspaper and hold on to your butts! That's right, Japan's number one toilet maker, Toto, has created a tricycle that runs entirely on number two. In theory, as long as the driver, well, um, er, defecates now and again so the system can convert the waste to biogas, Toto's toilet trike ...

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    Video: Electric Tron light cycle replica hits the streets, and it could be yours

    One lucky hardcore Tron fan will soon hit the road on a zero-emissions Light Cycle. How? Through Parker Brothers Choppers, which just unveiled a working electric version that will be given away by the end of 2011. Last year, Parker Brothers Choppers showed off its gas-powered Tron Light Cycle ...

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    Here's how to tell how efficient your motorcycle is, all the way back to 1934 models

    As oil prices rise, the cost of a gallon of gas keeps rocketing up too. As consumers look to save money on fuel, there's at least one way to ensure your mode of transportation is both frugal and a blast to drive: buy a motorcycle! No matter what car you compare them to, motorcycles are usually ...

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    Enthusiast builds DIY Sensei Ninja 250 electric motorcycle

    After clicking through a number of electric motorcycle articles here on AutoblogGreen, automotive enthusiast Bill Mills became obsessed with battery-powered two-wheelers, so much so that Mills set out to build an electrified bike of his own. Called the Sensei, Mills' electric motorcycle is built ...

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    Lightning Motorcycles switching to Ener1's lithium-ion batteries

    Ener1 may have ended its deal with Think, but it looks like the company has found a place to use some of its lithium-ion batteries after recently reaching a supply and distribution agreement with Lightning Motorcycles. In this agreement Lightning Motorcycles will use Ener1's batteries in both ...

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    Brammo introducing race-ready electric bikes for TTXGP

    Brammo, makers of the Enertia Plus and Empulse road-going electric motorcycles, has decided to make it easier for riders who want to take their electric two-wheelers into competition. Brammo has signed a deal with the TTXGP electric racing series to provide off-the-shelf racers for the 2013 ...

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    Video: Check out Barcelona's electric motorcycle, scooter charging infrastructure

    Motorcycles and scooters, on average, don't burn a lot of fuel to move alone, but, according to Fair Companies, the two-wheelers are up to ten times dirtier than today's cleanest batch of gas-fueled automobiles. So, to reduce emissions in a city like Barcelona, Spain, switching out the 280,000 ...

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    Barcelona gets free electric motorcycle, scooter charging stations

    Barcelona, Spain has officially launched a program that aims to have 15 electric motorcycle/scooter charging stations with six plug-in points each installed around the city. The stations will offer free charging, at least until 2012, and be managed by Mobecpoint and installed by Iberdola. ...


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