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    Video: Fiat shows off performance, efficiency gains of TwinAir engine

    Small engine, big pitch. Italian automaker Fiat is using a new video to wax poetic about its TwinAir family of engines designed to boost performance in its smaller cars while cutting fuel use and emissions. The three-plus-minute video, put together by Frame Communication, outlines the TwinAir ...

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    Chrysler to get MPG boost from Fiat technologies, ZF 8- and 9-speed transmisions

    In the coming years, Chrysler will add a megadose of Fiat's fuel-saving technology to tame its gas-guzzling lineup of vehicles. The goal: Hit the target that the Fiat-Chrysler chief executive officer, Sergio Marchionne, set: increasing fuel economy 25 percent by 2014. Chrysler will take a ...

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    Chrysler working on engine that can simultaneously burn gas and diesel

    Multi-fuel capable cars have been around for quite some time. Case in point, five years ago we reported on a Volvo prototype that could burn five different types of fuel. But a new project from Chrysler is aiming to do something that none of these existing flex-fuel vehicles can pull off: an ...

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    Fiat: all automakers will eventually adopt efficiency-boosting MultiAir technology

    Fiat is widely recognized for its achievements in several automotive-related technologies. The company is credited as the creator of the common rail diesel engine, which is employed by virtually all automakers now, and they are credited with the automated manual transmission, also in widespread ...

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    Geneva preview: Fiat Twin-Air pumps up the power, eases the emissions

    Fiat TWIN-AIR – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Geneva Motor Show attendees will have a chance to see the first of a coming family of Fiat Twin-Air engines on exhibit. An 80 horsepower turbo version of the two-cylinder will not only appear naked on the stand for close-up inspection ...

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    Fiat confirms 2-cylinder SGE powertrain for 2010

    Fiat 500 Multiair concept - Click image for gallery
    Fiat's rumored 2-cylinder engine has finally been confirmed for the Fiat 500 and will start production in Poland next year. The small displacement engine, called SGE, uses all the goodies from Multiair technology and is able squeeze three ...

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    Chrysler announces $179 million investment in Dundee plant to build Fiat Multiair engines

    In a none-too-shocking announcement, Chrysler has said it will invest $179 million to convert its engine plant in Dundee, Michigan, from building the so-called World Engine to Fiat's 1.4-liter Fully Integrated Robotized Engine. Back in September, Chrysler bought out its former partners Hyundai ...

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    Alfa Romeo introduces cleaner, more powerful 1.4L MultiAir engine in the MiTo

    Alfa Romeo Mi.To - Click above image for high-res gallery
    Alfa Romeo has introduced a new downsized engine to the compact MiTo that will improve output while cutting fuel consumption and emissions. The so-called MultiAir 1.4-liter four cylinder is available in normally aspirated and turbocharged ...

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    Geneva 2009: Fiat unveils new Multiair engine line

    Fiat's not planning to give up its title as the lowest CO2-producing line in Europe any time soon. While diesel engines remain the best choice when carbon emissions are the main concern, the Italian automaker has invested plenty of research and development into its Multiair technology for gasoline ...

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    Frankfurt Preview: Fiat Panda Aria with MultiAir engine

    Click the photo to enlargeFiat will debut a new concept version of their Panda mini-car at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week dubbed the Panda Aria. Although the Aria looks much like any standard Panda on the outside, it has been heavily modified to minimize fuel use and emissions. At the corners, ...


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