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    Report: Tesla will fix 1,100 Model S motors in Norway

    As far as we know, Tesla didn't build all of the Model S sedans it has sold in Norway at once, but it is just those vehicles that have been found defective and will soon be fixed. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the company will replace defective Model S drive units sold in the Northern ...

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    Video: Nissan shows how EVs are breaking the niche barrier in Norway

    Call it Keeping up with the Hansens. Through a combination of environmental consciousness, big-time government incentives and good old-fashioned peer pressure, Norway has become the country with the highest number of electric vehicles per capita. And Nissan couldn't be happier. EVs have about a ...

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    Read This: In Oslo, too many EVs anger at least one bus driver

    Standing on an Oslo street corner, you don't have to wait long to see an electric vehicle drive by. In fact, there are so many EVs in the Norwegian capitol city that they're making the bus drivers a little angry, if The Wall Street Journal is to be belived. EV fans in other cities can only dream ...

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    Official: Renault ZOE revs up for big sales in Norway

    Renault doesn't want to be left out in the Norwegian cold. The French automaker knows that EV sales are through the roof in Norway, so it is finally bringing the Zoe EV to the Scandinavian country. The launch event was a bit odd, with 15 Zoe's available to be driven on the running track at the ...

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    Report: Tesla breaks 28-year-old monthly sales record in Norway

    Someone may want to try to translate "Gigafactory this!" into Norwegian. Tesla Motors just set the all-time monthly sales record for a single model in Norway, The Wall Street Journal says, citing Norwegian transportation officials. And that's for any type of model, gas-powered or not. The ...

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    Report: India's Reva e20 EV ready to take on Norway, Sri Lanka

    That electric-vehicle magnet that is Norway has attracted yet another automaker. This time, it's India-based Mahindra that is looking to bring its battery-electric Reva e2o to the country sometime soon, India's Financial Express says. Mahindra is eying the UK and Sri Lanka for new sales as ...

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    Report: Norway way ahead of schedule on EV-incentive limits

    "Everything for Norway" is that country's motto, but too much might not be a good thing when it comes to Norway's electric-vehicle incentives. The plan in Norway is to shower extensive perks on the first 50,000 electric-vehicle buyers as a way to take advantage of the country's cheap and ...

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    Report: Norwegian winter proving too much for some Tesla charging cables

    Polar vortex 1, Tesla Model S 0? Possibly. Norway is certainly a long way from the sunny California climes where the luxury electric vehicle is made and, while the cars are popular in that country, the country's cold weather is creating problems for car owners, the Norwegian website News in ...

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    Video: Norwegian Tesla Model S driver goes 233 cold miles on a charge

    When a Norwegian Tesla owner/enthusiast posted a video about how far he could go on a single charge during the depths of a Norwegian December, you just had a feeling the guy's name would be Bjorn. This intrepid gentleman took his Model S out in the cold (he mentions the outside temperature ...

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    Report: Norway's $134,000 tax savings for Tesla Model S are out of this world

    This bit of news about the tax breaks Tesla Model S buyers in Norway are getting from the Norwegian government gets to us by way of the International Business Times via the Norwegian website Budstikka, but even so, there's nothing lost in translation. The reports that Model S buyers there are ...

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    Report: Norwegian EV sales remain strong in November

    Plug-in electric vehicles appear to be more important to Norwegians than they are to people anywhere else in the world. While the actual EV sales numbers lag far behind markets like the United States, the per capita comparison is surprising. In the Scandinavian country last month, about 12 ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf is Norway's best-selling car; EVs on top two months in a row

    Norwegians are taking to electric vehicles like Germans take to David Hasselhoff and Iraqis take to Lionel Richie. Whatever the reason, we won't complain about the results. The Nissan Leaf was Norway's best-selling car in October, the month after the Tesla Model S held the same title, Reuters ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S sales in Germany lag behind Leaf, Zoe, Smart ED

    In some European countries – Iceland and Norway – the Tesla Model S is doing quite well. In others, according to the International Business Times, early indications are that interest in the world's best-selling luxury EV are a bit muted. The numbers from IBT indicate that Tesla's ...

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    Read This: How Norway's oil industry supports EVs in an 'ironisk' twist

    Norway is Europe's undisputed electric vehicle leader. It is also Europe's largest oil producer. The way these two facts intertwine is what The Globe And Mail calls "ironisk," the Norwegian word for, well, you can probably guess. That irony has some interesting highlights. The Tesla Model S was ...

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    Followup: Tesla Model S EV becomes Norway's best-selling car in September

    It's not just the best-selling electric vehicle. It's not just the best-selling green car. Nope, the Tesla Model S EV managed to hit the top of Norway's list of all vehicle sales in September, Agence France-Presse reports, citing Norwegian research firm Opplysningsraadet for Veitrafikken ...

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    Video: Ylvis finds funny solution to quiet EV 'problem'

    Ylvis, the fraternal comedic duo from Norway famous for not knowing what the fox says, certainly don't suffer similar bewilderment when it comes to electric car sounds. Much has been made of the silent attribute of electric vehicles at low speeds, and while some manufacturers have approached this ...

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    Report: Iceland's first Tesla Motor S EVs bought sight unseen

    Iceland's first importer of Tesla Model S electric vehicles said his first seven sales were made to buyers who'd never seen the car. With the vehicles now in the country, he now says he hopes to have 25 sold by the end of the year, according to Plug In Cars. Our friend Gisli Gislason – we ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S is, for a short while at least, the best-selling car in Norway

    It's no secret that Norway, even with cold winters that can bedevil electric vehicle performance, is the European EV leader. Nissan sold 1,000 Leaf EVs there in the first six months that car was available. Tesla is deploying Supercharger fast charge stations there, well before other European ...

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    Official: Tesla Superchargers deployed in Norway

    To paraphrase the classic Beatles song, Tesla is bringing about a bit of Norwegian Good. The California-based maker of the all-electric Model S has started deploying its Supercharger recharging network across Norway. Tesla has dropped the stations in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, ...

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    Official: 260.5 EVs set world record for electric vehicle parade [w/video]

    Norway has long led Europe in electric vehicle adoption, and now the country's EV advocates can boast of holding a new world record: the largest-ever gathering of moving electric vehicles. We are particularly amused that the record was set by 260 and a half EVs, since one of the cars was a ...


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