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    Report: EU getting serious about on-road emissions tests
    Lab Results Not Accurate, Everyone Admits 1408881000

    Testing vehicle emissions in the laboratory is a way to guarantee identical procedures, but it doesn't exactly mimic the results from an on-the-road drive. Ford, for example, famously had a problem with dynamometer testing in the Total Road Load Horsepower (TRLHP) calculations for the C-Max ...

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    Official: EPA's $9M clean diesel campaign could pay back $117M in health benefits

    Diesel fumes are bad for people. But diesel power is good for a lot of heavy-duty work. So, for now, one answer to threading the needle of that little conundrum is to make diesel engines as clean as possible. To that end, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced $9 million worth ...

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    Read This: Why a global emissions standard would be a good thing

    Would a global vehicle emission standard make sense? After all, as Automotive News writer Richard Truett points out, "Clean air is clean air no matter what continent it blows over." But, while attending a recent automotive industry conference in Traverse City, MI, Truett heard Chris Gundler, the ...

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    Report: What are you wearing? Is it clothing that absorbs and neutralizes pollutants?

    The fight against pollution may soon take the fashion industry by storm as your clothes may clean up the mess your car puts out. Ecover, a Belgium-based firm that manufactures ecological cleaning products, has apparently invented a material that can be applied to clothing to absorb and neutralize ...

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    Report: Roads laced with titanium dioxide could help us breathe easier

    Researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology (EUT) may be on the brink of discovering a breakthrough that will lead to reduced pollution and cleaner air for all. According to the EUT, a roadway made of concrete blended with titanium dioxide can effectively remove up to 45 percent of the ...

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    Continental nominated for PACE Award for smart NOx sensor

    Continental has developed a smart NOx sensor to help manage automotive emissions and Automotive News has recognized it with a nomination for its annual PACE awards. As more and more sensors are added to cars, suppliers are trying to drive down the cost by increasing the level of integration. ...

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    BASF explains how diesel catalysts work

    Catalytic converters are quite common for gasoline engines but diesel catalysts are less known, in part because they face greater challenges. Still, diesel catalysts have not disappeared because they are efficient and, when you start your car, they don't produce heaps of CO2. Their main problem is ...

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    NxtGen gets grant for field testing of retrofit diesel emission controls

    British Columbia-based NxtGen has recieved $5.5 million in funding from the Government of Canada, EnCana Corporation and Sustainable Development Technology Canada that will allow them to proceed with a field testing program of their diesel aftertreatment system. The system is designed to be either ...

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    Madrid announces plans to ban polluting cars from city center

    The City Council of Madrid, Spain, has unveiled plans to create a low-emissions zone in the city center which would ban polluting cars. This system is very similar to the ones implemented in several German cities and differs from Milan and London's option of an urban toll (or congestion charge).If ...

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    Removing nitrogen-oxide emissions from diesel exhausts without urea

    Whether or not you believe in global warming, nitrogen-oxides, or NOx, definitely does contribute to acid rain and smog, which are not debatable. Because NOx is emitted in large quantities from the exhaust of diesel engines, something needs to stop it from entering our atmosphere. One way to do ...

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    Los Angeles Times: E320 Bluetec is best car Californians can't buy

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec.Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Dan Neil has a good piece about the California Air Resources Board adopting the EPA's Tier II, Bin 5 emission standard two years before most of the U.S. leaving the 2007 ...

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    Union Pacific Railroad unveils ultra-low emission diesel locomotives

    Just days after we wrote about the problem of trying to introduce cleaner locomotives into existing railway's fleets, Union Pacific Railroad has unveiled the first of 60 new environmentally friendly, ultra-low emission diesel locomotives for use in the Los Angeles region. In prototype and testing ...

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    Trucks ready to roll on EPA's 2007 clean diesel spec

    Industry organisation, Diesel Technology Forum, has announced that all major heavy-duty truck and engine manufacturers have met new Environmental Protection Agency standards for emissions cuts and have been certified by EPA for full production. To meet the new emissions requirements, new long-haul ...

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    General Motors Medium Duty Trucks reduce diesel emissions

    General Motors has announced its Medium Duty Truck lineup for the 2007i (the i stands for interim) and 2008 model years feature increased performance, increased driver comfort and reduced diesel emissions. Included are an all-new Chevrolet and GMC W-Series, as well as revised diesel engines and ...

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    Diesel Technology Forum white paper on retrofitting diesel engines

    Diesel Technology Forum has released a new PDF white paper designed to give diesel users a comprehensive overview of how diesel technology and regulations are changing to reduce diesel emissions. Covered are the new diesel emissions standards and the introduction of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), ...

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    SuperGen supercharger improves diesel efficiency

    SuperGen, a new electro-mechanical supercharger technology jointly developed by automotive engineering specialist Integral Powertrain and transmission technology company NexxtDrive, is designed to improve on existing turbo diesel theory. The variable-speed, electrically-controlled supercharger ...

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    Clearer skies through NOx legislation, smog levels down in East

    In an annual report, the Environmental Protection Agency stated that smog levels have dramatically dropped for 19 Eastern states covering roughly 1/3 of the nation's population. The reduction is primarily due to fewer emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from industrial plants and manufacturing ...

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    Consumer Reports tests 2007 Tahoe on gasoline and E85

    Consumer Reports discovered the overall fuel mileage on a flex-fuel 2007 Tahoe went from 14 mpg on gasoline to 10 mpg on E85.CR quoted an average price of E85 at $2.91 and said that drivers would essentially pay almost $4 for the equivalent gallon of gasoline. From a different angle: the Tahoe's ...


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