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    Report: German automakers building own wind, natural gas plants; to get away from nuclear

    German automakers are caught in a quandary – how can they pay more for a clean energy surcharge tax when automotive sales are down. The problem stems from German Chancellor Angela Merkel's move to take the country further away from nuclear and toward using more renewables to power the ...

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    Report: Reputation of electric cars takes a hit in Japan due to tsunami aftermath?

    Electric vehicle owners like to think of themselves as green, but that color may be taking on a more glowing, radioactive hue in Japan. The ecologically friendly reputation of electric cars in Japan is taking a hit since last year's meltdowns of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant have ...

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    Greenpeace opposed to nuclear and coal powered electric vehicles

    2011 Nissan Leaf – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You might think that Greenpeace would love the idea of electric cars, but you'd be sadly mistaken. Greenpeace Germany's Wolfgang Lohbeck spoke at last week's "The New Automobile" conference and focused on the "remote tailpipe" ...

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    McCain's energy plan: let the market decide

    Now that John McCain has been officially enthroned as the Republican party's choice for the window seat in the Oval Office, it's time to look at his proposals for how to deal with this country's seemingly insatiable thirst for energy. As expected, the focus of McCain's plan is to let the market ...

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    A McCain presidency would mean electric cars powered by nuclear plants, clean coal

    News rolled in yesterday that Republican presidential candidate John McCain has called for a huge increase in the number of nuclear power plants in the U.S.: 45 new plants by 2030, and another 55 after that. That's almost twice as many new plants as are operating in the U.S. today (104, according ...

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    VW is OK with EU CO2 targets, proposes nuclear power

    It has been said numerous times that German automakers are upset with European proposals which would limit CO2 output to around 120 grams per kilometer. Perhaps we shouldn't be lumping Volkswagen or its subsidiaries into that category. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of VW, has admitted that the VW brands, ...

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    Will nuclear-produced electricity be low carbon?

    Faced with the problems of oil supply and environmental factors, it seems quite certain that many of our transportation options in the future with be powered by electricity. Methods of supplying the necessary electrons are legion but all seem to involve costs and problems of one kind or another. ...

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    Coal? No. Ethanol? Not yet. Here's one reader's case for nuclear

    The electric car movement has, for the foreseeable future, a problem explaining how to best generate the massive amounts of electricity that plug-in hybrids and pure electrics will need. Right now, coal and nuclear the two most common ways to generate electric power in the U.S., and, while there's ...

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    Current nuclear technology will not help if climate continues to heat up

    Many politicians and others have promoted nuclear power as a means of addressing climate change since reactors emit no greenhouse gases or noxious pollutants. Setting aside for the moment the issue of what do with radioactive waste (by no means a trivial issue) there are other issues with nuclear ...

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    How about never refilling your tank for 25 years?

    First I am going to pose a question, then, I am going to make a statement. Here goes: Is nuclear power good or bad? In this particular example, a new submarine for the British Royal Navy is powered by its very own nuclear reactor, and said nuclear reactor will power the machine for its entire ...

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    Vinod Khosla writes about imprudent environmentalism and "Scheer nonsense"

    I have got to tell you that the article linked to here is very long and takes a good while to get through. Then, after you have read the whole thing, you still need time to meditate on all of the points. But, after doing that, feel free to comment on some of the ideas that Vinod Khosla outlines and ...

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    A Resource Investors thoughts on the State of the Union address: Back lithium, thorium, hydrogen and more

    I am not a resource investor, by any account I am not much of an investor at all, unfortunately. But, there are investors out there who concentrate on our earth's resources. An advisor on the site Resource Investor gave his viewpoints on the technologies and resources required to make the ...

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    India President outlines energy independence plan

    The Indian President, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam, has addressed the topic of energy independence in his speech to the 94th Indian Science Congress in Tamil Nadu. Raising his concerns for the level of carbon dioxide production through energy production, Dr. Kalam stated that he wanted to focus on how ...

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    Rifkin: "Our common energy future lies with the sun, not with uranium"

    We've been hearing a lot about nuclear power lately. Bush mentioned it as an ideal energy source to generate hydrogen fuel. An MIT study proposed two reactor concepts to produce nuclear hydrogen. This Weekend Edition story on NPR finds that a co-founder of Greenpeace is an active supporter. And the ...

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    GM pushing nuclear power to produce hydrogen

    GM says nuclear power can generate the electricity needed to produce large amounts of pure hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. According to an article titled "Live Green, Go Nuclear" in Wards Auto, GM treated journalists to a tour of nuclear power advancements at the Idaho National Laboratory. For ...


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