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oak ridge national laboratory

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    Study: 100-mile EVs offer plenty of range, for now
    Oak Ridge Says The Numbers Show We Should All Be Happy With Double-Digit Range Limits 1408449360

    We've heard that the next big paradigm shift in electric vehicle acceptance will come with more 150- or 200-mile EVs. But a new study called Optimizing and Diversifying Electric Vehicle Driving Range for US Drivers says that cars that can go that far really won't make sense for anyone to buy ...

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    Study: Aluminum lightweighting does, in fact, save fuel

    When the best-selling US truck sheds the equivalent weight of three football fullbacks by shifting to aluminum, folks start paying attention. Oak Ridge National Laboratory took a closer look at whether the reduced fuel consumption from a lighter aluminum body makes up for the fact that producing ...

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    BMI's simple aero tweaks could increase semi truck efficiency by 12%

    South Carolina-based BMI Corporation and the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed a simple set of aerodynamic fairings that reduce fuel consumption of long-haul semi trucks by up to 12 percent. The aerospace-inspired add-ons, which BMI calls the SmartTruck UnderTray ...

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    Researchers theorize non-precious metal, "zero-cost" catalyst for fuel cells

    In a recent paper published in Science, a group of researchers has theorized that a non–precious metal catalyst, with performance that's claimed to be comparable to platinum-based systems, could some day end up in automotive fuel cells. Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers Gang Wu, ...

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    Aerodynamic add-ons reduce fuel consumption of semi trucks by 7-12%

    BMI Corporation, along with the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, have developed a set of aerodynamic fairings that are claimed to reduce fuel consumption of long-haul semi trucks by 7-12 percent. The aerodynamic add-ons, which BMI calls the SmartTruck UnderTray System, ...

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    IBM gets 24M hours of supercomputing time to work on lithium air batteries

    The United States Department of Energy has granted IBM 24 million hours of computing time on the supercomputers at the Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. The reason? Research on lithium air batteries. Lithium air batteries hold a lot of potential for dramatically increasing energy density ...

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    VW and Oak Ridge National Lab to collaborate on research

    Now that Volkswagen has announced plans to build a plant in Chattanooga TN, the automaker may begin partnering with the nearby Oak Ridge National Lab to conduct transportation research. Volkswagen is one of the biggest proponents of diesel engines due to their inherent efficiency and may convince ...

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    High-tech research tools needed to advance diesel technology

    With more emphasis on diesel technology, manufacturers will call on high-tech labs to test and develop new materials. One such location is the High Temperature Materials Laboratory at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Of primary consideration is the new generation of exhaust after-treatment ...

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    DOE provides more funding to Oak Ridge National Lab for fuel cell development

    It looks like national laboratories are expending a lot of effort on developing various aspects of new energy sources. After the Argonne lab announcement of a new material for fuel production facilities, the Department of Energy has given $4.5 million to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and its ...


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