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    Replacing batteries in standard hybrids not all that expensive

    If you've got an older car in your driveway, which experts say is getting to be more typical lately, what happens when the battery poops out? You'll be paying $100 to $200 to pick one up at a retail parts store. But what about hybrid electric vehicles? The Toyota Prius and Honda Insight have ...

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    Germany gives bonus to old car scrappers, prepares CO2-based road tax

    Photo by Snowmanradio. Under CCL 2.0
    The Federal Government of Germany has decided to offer something never seen before in the country: €2,500 cash when you purchase a new car, as long as you also get rid of a car which is at least nine years old and has held a German registration plate for ...

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    Congress looks again at Cash for Clunkers program

    We knew it was coming. Right on schedule, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D, Calif.) has introduced legislation to Congress that would pay drivers of older vehicles a predetermined sum to replace them with new or newer cars. Depending on the year of the vehicle being traded in, a voucher for up to ...

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    Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or buy new?

    Here's a question that often comes up when discussing the green automotive scene: Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or to buy a new, more fuel efficient model? The answer is, as you may have guessed, very complicated. One way to attack the question is on carbon emissions, and this is the ...

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    RAC: Cars over 18 years old should be scrapped

    The Royal Automobile Club Foundation in the UK has just released a report suggesting that any car built more than 18 years ago should be scrapped in an effort to clean up the roadways. Why 18 years? That would remove the vast majority of cars not equipped with catalytic converters, which was one of ...

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    States pay drivers to replace their older cars

    Considering that the legacy left behind by American car companies has little to do with being clean, there seems to be an increased sense of urgency by some U.S. states to replace the older fleet of vehicles with newer, and therefore cleaner, vehicles. The states with the two largest vehicle ...

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    If you have an old VW diesel, then VW is looking for you

    1977 Volkswagen RabbitThe year 2007 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the first diesel Volkswagen available in the United States. Volkswagen is now making a renewed diesel push in the US market starting this year thanks to the availability of 50 state legal BlueTec diesels. As part of the ...


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