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    Official: Unusual EV world record attempt happening at Goodwood today

    Later today, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK, an unusual electric vehicle world record attempt will take place. The challenge? To take a particular style of EV further in 24 hours than anyone has ever gone before. The vehicle in question? A mobility scooter. Starting at 6 pm local time, ...

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    Official: Beijing Formula E Grand Prix will race at famous 'Bird's Nest' Olympic stadium

    Now that the Sochi Olympics are over (and the Paralympic games winding down), the purpose-built infrastructure is going to need to find new life. Perhaps Russia can ask China how to reuse old Olympic facilities, now that Formula E has announced it will conduct its first race on the grounds of the ...

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    Report: Chevy up to old EVs-equal-range-anxiety tricks in new Volt Olympics ad

    General Motors is at it again with a new Chevrolet Volt TV commercial. Viewers of the Winter Olymics (at least in some markets) recently saw a TV ad in between the skating and the skiing that made no mention of the environmental benefits or freedom from the power of Big Oil that electric vehicles ...

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    Video: Cadillac confident attitude will attract the elite to ELR plug-in hybrid [w/video]

    Cadillac is not going to pull any punches when it comes to promoting its plug-in hybrid ELR. In the real world, the company is showing off the Wreath And Crest's coupe with Chevy Volt technology at exclusive events with "groups whose members are affluent, green-minded and have an appreciation for ...

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    Video: BMW introducing i8 to US with Hello Future Olympics ad

    It's not all unfinished hotel rooms and unconventional toilet situations at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. During the broadcast of the opening ceremony tonight, BMW is going to introduce the American TV audience to its plug-in i brand of vehicles. Of course, since we have things like ...

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    Official: BMW offers history lesson on 40 years of electric vehicle efforts

    If nothing else, we can thank BMW for giving us the rare opportunity to post a picture of one of its classic, super-boxy '70s models. In this case, it's an electrified version of its 1602, the progenitor to the popular 2002. The 1602 was the German automaker's first foray into electric-vehicle ...

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    Report: For Olympics, London hydrogen cabbies trucked away for 'security' during refueling

    Well this kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it. Since Olympic organizers have shut down London's only hydrogen refueling station, three of London's hydrogen-powered cabs are being shipped – via diesel-powered car transporters – 65 miles away for refueling. Why did they do that, ...

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    Official: German Olympic team gets decked-out Audi A1 e-tron plug-in hybrid

    The German Olympic team may be trailing the Chinese and Americans in London when it comes to medal count, but at least it has a cool ride. Audi has presented the team with an A1 e-tron decked out in German colors, to promote the automaker's plug-in vehicles. The 102-horsepower extended-range ...

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    Report: London's hydrogen buses grounded during Olympics due to security fears

    Is hydrogen a dangerous substance? It is, during the London Olympics, at least. That's why the fleet of five H2 buses that usually carries passengers between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway have been sent out to pasture for the duration of the games. Standard diesel buses will replace them. The ...

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    BP's Wayne Helix is fuel dispenser of the future; on display at London Olympics

    BMW may have dibs on being the "Official Automotive Partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games," but that doesn't mean there aren't other automotive-related promotional opportunities to be had at the games. Exhibit A: BP's new "Wayne Helix" fuel dispenser. Sounding like something from ...

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    Official: BMW delivers first 40 of 4,000 vehicles destined for London Olympics

    We couldn't fault you if it came as no great surprise that BMW was the main automotive sponsor of this summer's Olympic games in London. The Bavarian automaker has, after all, done its homework to promote the partnership, launching special edition 1 and 3 Series, a pair of special edition Minis, ...

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    It's Friday: new rickshaw brings pedal-power to the MINI

    Click on picture for high-res imageIf you hadn't noticed, the Olympic Games in Beijing are being celebrated these days. MINI decided that it was a good opportunity to mix Chinese traditions with British German craftmanship and so they sent a MINI Clubman to be cut in half and made a rickshaw. Yes, ...

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    The Detroit News coughs in Beijing's air quality

    The city of Beijing has been generating the kinds of headlines that cities usually want no part of. Ahead of the Olympic games, many athletes have been publicly deriding the city's air quality, and rightly so. According to the World Health Organization, the current air pollution in Beijing is at ...

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    China to ban cars from the Olympics, comply with international standards for car emissions

    China will ban about half of its 3.3 million cars from the streets during the Beijing Olympics (August 8-24) in an attempt to cut air pollution. Necessary cars like emergency vehicles, buses and taxis will be allowed but only if they have an even or odd number license plate number that matches the ...

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    GM to launch LaCrosse hybrid in China before Beijing Olympics

    Here's an update on GM's new hybrid for China. Shanghai GM says they will release a Buick LaCrosse hybrid for the Chinese market before the Beijing Olympics, which will have its opening ceremonies August 8, 2008. The hybrid will be based on the Saturn Aura hybrid and the pricing and mileage ...

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    China's Changan Auto's first hybrid model: Jiexun-HEV

    In July, we told you Changan would have a hybrid on the market in 2008. Now, Changan Automobile, the fourth largest automaker in China, is showing off the hybrid Jiexun-HEV. The hybrid is expected on the market soon and some will be donated to the Beijing Olympics next year. Here is Xu Liuping, the ...

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    Audi taking their latest generation engines to the Chinese market

    Audi has decided to launch some of their more advanced and efficient engines in the Chinese market. At an Audi Green Olympics Initiative event in Shanghai, the company announced the addition of the 2.8L FSI V-6 to the A6L and the A8. In the big A8, the 2.8L is rated at 28.3 mpg (US) which is pretty ...

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    London 2012 Olympics the first to be "car-free"

    Eight million people are expected at the London 2012 Olympics but their cars are not invited. The 2012 games will be car free, a first for the Olympics, with the only options for transport between the venues 1) walking, 2) biking or 3) public transport. The "car exclusion zones" include parts of ...

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    China's biggest car manufacturer to debut fuel-cell vehicle at Shanghai show

    The 2007 Shanghai Auto Show is set to get underway on the 20th of April and China's largest auto manufacturer, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), will be on hand to debut a new fuel-cell vehicle. SAIC, which recently made headlines when it bought the Rover brand off BMW, said that the ...


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