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    Official: Venturi VBB 3 sets 'symbolic world record' for EVs at Bonneville Salt Flats [UPDATE]

    *UPDATE: Thanks to an oversight in the press release, we needed to add "pending FIA verification" to the post. Despite the cancellation of Bonneville Speed Week, there was good electric vehicle news to report from the salt flats last week. Symbolically, at least. Venturi was not able to break ...

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    Hertz puts the hurt on Zipcar at OSU

    The Ohio State University like a few alt-fuel cars: the Buckeye Bullet 2, hydrogen-powered golf carts and Zipcar/Flexcar. Well, scratch that last one. OSU has decided to give the campus car-sharing contract to Connect by Hertz instead of Zipcar. The exact reason for the switch was not disclosed, ...

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    Oklahoma State University gets new $1.2m bioenergy lab, Coskata folks must be smiling

    Oklahoma State University: the school of ethanol made from sweet sorghum. Also, the place where the proprietary microorganisms that Coskata uses in its cellulosic ethanol process came from. OSU certainly is no stranger to biofuels, and a new $1.2m bioenergy laboratory will further research turning ...

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    Oregon State University: New Microbial Fuel Cell generates electricity from waste

    We have run with stories regarding fuel cells which produce electricity using bacteria before, so the technology being shown off by Oregon State University is not particularly new. But, the amount of electricity being generated using such a solution is in fact a big increase. What I find really ...


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