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    Report: Madrid's new parking meters cost more if you drive a gas guzzler
    Elsewhere In The City, The Meters Are Just Plain Gone 1404340260

    The parking situation in Madrid, Spain went through two big changes this week. In some areas, the meters have been updated to know what kind of vehicle is parked there and charge dirty vehicles more money while giving discounts to cleaner ones. In another area, all parking meters have been ...

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    Official: BMW adds on-street parking to DriveNow carsharing in SF

    BMW is putting a new spin on the concept of the San Francisco treat. The German automaker cut a deal to clear out 80 street-parking spaces for its DriveNow car-sharing program in the notoriously parking-constrained City by the Bay. Bimmer is also more than doubling its all-electric ActiveE ...

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    Report: NYC mayor Bloomberg signs bill requiring 20% of all parking spaces to be EV 'charger ready'

    At least it's not in any way difficult to find a parking spot in Manhattan. If it was, New York City's new plan to make at least 20 percent of the off-street parking throughout the five boroughs accessible to a plug-in vehicle charging station would be really onerous. Oh, wait. The largest city ...

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    Report: Washington State may impose $124 fine on EV spot stealers

    Park your gas-powered car in an electric-vehicle-designated spot in the Emerald State and you could find yourself Cashless in Seattle. The Washington State legislature has approved a bill that would impose a $124 fine on conventional-vehicle drivers busted for parking in spots slated for plug-in ...

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    Video: Nissan Leaf self-parking magic in action

    We'll be impressed when the Nissan Leaf can fetch its driver a cup of coffee. In the meantime, we'll have to be satisfied with the prospect of the electric vehicle being able to park itself properly over a wireless-charging pad. Nissan's prototype for an automatically-parking Leaf was shown off ...

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    Report: Gas-guzzlers will pay more at this Boston-area parking lot, greenies pay less

    It'll cost you a little more to pahk your cah in this yahd. That's what one Boston parking lot owner is saying to SUV and other gas-guzzler vehicle drivers planning to use a new parking lot near the city's TD Garden, according to the Boston Herald. Dinosaur Capital Partners will adjust pricing ...

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    Study: Gas pumps found to be germiest things we touch

    We think Nissan has found its new spokesman for the all-electric Leaf. A microbiologist at the University of Arizona known as "Dr. Germ" says he's identified gas pumps as the biggest biohazard in modern society. According to The Los Angeles Times, the results of the good doctor's research show ...

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    Report: How much is that parking spot? Dynamic pricing says that depends

    Think parking in downtown Los Angeles is confusing now? Just wait until some meters start charge rates that vary based on demand. A pilot program approved the City Council of Los Angeles seeks to impose logic to radically alter the way meter prices are set in the city's center. City officials say ...

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    Greening up parking lots means pricing them better, turning them into actual parks

    Your car is not doing any environmental damage when it's parked, is it? Maybe not directly, but the simple act of parking plays an important role in enabling people to drive more without really considering the consequences or alternatives and, more importantly, creates a lot of emissions while ...

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    Smart ForTwo gets half price parking in Manhattan until 2009

    Ironically, New York City seems to be packed with cars and yet it's probably one of the worst cities in America for them. One of the biggest hassles for people who actually choose to drive in Manhattan is finding a place to park your car when you get where you're going. Given the typical congestion ...

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    Still free parking for hybrids in Los Angeles. Maybe.

    I know this is not the most important issue facing the country at the moment but there seems to hybrid parking mayhem going on in Los Angeles. If you're there, driving around right now, pay attention to the road and read this later or pull over or something. Geez. If you're a hybrid owner in LaLa ...

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    smart may force cities to reconsider parking laws

    The smart limited two, unveiled in Geneva.One reason that micro-vehicles like the smart exist is so that they can cut down on congestion. There is only so much space available in big urban areas, and parking spots are often hard to come by. So, to pack more vehicles in the same amount of parking ...

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    Did San Jose city council member try to change law to help sell his electric car?

    In San Jose, California, as in many cities, hybrids (at least those bought in the city) park free. This has lead to a $7,700 loss of revenue, monthly, for the city. That's not too much, in the larger picture, but a little more couldn't hurt, right? City council member Pete Constant wants zero ...

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    Tired of trolling for a parking spot? Try Parking Carma

    We've all faced the problem having to go somewhere in a city, and then driving around trying to find somewhere to park only to encounter endless "Lot Full" signs. Finally, you end up parking some distance from where you need to be and having to walk and you show up late for your appointment. ...

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    Free parking at BP, but only if you're driving green

    In a move similar to London's push to charge for parking on a sliding scale related to vehicle emissions, employees at BP's Alternative Energy facility in Houston receive free parking if they drive the very greenest vehicles. BP pays for its employees parking based on their vehicle's emission ...

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    Free parking for fuel efficient cars in Ferndale, MI

    In case having to pay more and more money every time you fill up is not sufficient motivation to consider a fuel efficient car, Ferndale, a Detroit suburb, is now offering free parking for cars that get 30 mpg or better. The ordinance, the first of its kind in Michigan, wants to promote ...

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    Free parking for hybrids may soon become reality in Chicago

    35th Ward Alderman Rey Colon introduced an ordinance this week to give free parking to all hybrid vehicles in Chicago. He came up with the idea after learning about similar laws passed in New Haven, Connecticut, Los Angeles, California, and San Antonio, Texas.Colon states that the city's nearly 6 ...


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