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    Eco-Motive gets patent for CNG-gas hybrid H-Motor

    If you've ever wanted a powerplant that looks more like a greeble from a Star Wars spaceship than a block engine, Eco-Motive has your answer. The just-announced dual-fuel "H" engine can burn gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). Eco-Motive has been awarded a patent for the engine (number ...

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    Report: What does the open patents deal mean for Tesla ... and BMW?

    Gift to the world or trade bait? Tesla Motors announced this week it would open its patents for other automakers to use. That has analysts guessing whether the California-based electric-vehicle maker is looking to either swap trade secrets with other automakers or to expand the proverbial pie ...

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    Report: Elon Musk hints at opening Tesla's EV patents [w/video]
    CEO suggests as much during launch of RHD Model S in UK 1402338420

    During the Q&A portion of Tesla's annual shareholder meeting last week, CEO Elon Musk said something that caught our ear: "I'm contemplating doing something fairly significant on that front [promoting EVs] which should be kind of controversial with respect to Tesla's patents. But I probably ...

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    Report: Tesla patents Supercharger that can handle herd of EVs

    Tesla Motors is quietly getting ready for an electric-vehicle charging station that could be considered smarter than the drivers using it. The California-based automaker has applied for a number of patents (details here) in which its super-quick Superchargers would be programmable to better ...

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    Report: Tesla patent reveals metal-air hybrid battery powertrain

    What you see above might be the ugliest Tesla Motors vehicle ever. Any 4-year-old can draw a box with wheels and, frankly, we expect more from Franz von Holzhausen. But, upon closer inspection, we don't find Franz's name attached to this drawing. Instead, this is the work of Tesla CTO JB Straubel ...

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    Report: Honda N600-derived retro city car revealed?

    A spate of images depicting what looks like a new kei car from Honda have jumped online. The diminutive five-door looks to have borrowed its lines from the N Concept 4 the Japanese automaker first showed off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That funky little machine lifted design elements from the ...

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    Official: Ford Fusion Hybrid boosts company's hybrid patents from 30 to 500 in the past decade

    While Ford's new Fusion Hybrid is designed to put money back into the pockets of fuel-conscious consumers, some patent attorneys may also be a little more flush as well. The development of the model, set to debut later this year, helped Ford boost its number of patents related to hybrid ...

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    Toyota involoved in hybrid patent infringement case with Efficient Drivetrains

    Japanese automaker Toyota is involved in a hybrid patent infringement case with Palo Alto, CA-based Efficient Drivetrains Inc. (EDI). Similar to the PAICE case, Toyota is being accused of using technologies that have been patented by another corporation. This time 'round, it's Efficient ...

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    Report: Smart Speedster electric concept to debut at Geneva Motor Show

    Smart roadster patent drawings – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Back on November 16th, 2010, Daimler submitted a set of patent drawings for trademark approval. The sketches appear to be a Smart Fortwo-based roadster, but we're not exactly sure if this concept is simply a redux of ...

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    Ford applies for patent on non-electric plug-in vehicle

    Plug-in vehicles are all the rage right now – witness the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt and Ford Transit Connect Electric all coming to market between now and the end of the year. Unfortunately, electric and hybrid vehicles carry a significant price premium over conventional models (most of the ...

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    More than half of General Motors' 2009 patent filings were for green tech

    Over the years, General Motors has not often been seen as a forward-thinking company when it comes to green technologies. Sure, the Chevrolet Chevette was one of the first American cars to crack the 30 miles per gallon mark (the diesel model got north of 50 mpg). True, the EV-1 experiment showed ...

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    REPORT: 76% of "electric propulsion vehicle" patent applications come from Japan

    Toyota is the undisputed world leader in hybrid vehicle sales, so it unsurprisingly follows that the company dominates the charts when it comes to patents for "electric propulsion vehicles." A recent study conducted by the Japan Patent Office on global trends in the EV industry found that 76 ...

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    Ford files 125 patents on 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, mostly for controls

    In the process of developing it's new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, the powertrain engineers at Ford came up with a lot innovative solutions to reducing emissions and fuel consumption. Most of those solutions involved software, both for developing the engine and then for controlling it. The use of ...

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    Toyota loses hybrid patent appeal case

    Toyota finally seems to be out of options now that the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed a lower court's ruling to stand which will award Paice LLC roughly $4.3 million in an hybrid technology lawsuit. That amount works out to $25 for every vehicle that Toyota has sold which uses the Hybrid Synergy ...

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    Toyota loses appeal in hybrid drive train patent case

    Paice LLC sued Toyota in 2004 over three patents Paice said Toyota infringed with their hybrid drive train. The court ruled, in a jury verdict at a Texas court known for patent cases, that Toyota did infringe on one of the three patents and Toyota had to pay $25 per infringing car (Prius II, Toyota ...

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    Might the Can Am Spyder get a little scooter brother?

    For a good while there, we were obsessively relaying data to you regarding some of the new three-wheeled conveyances that have been hitting the American market lately. We cover these things because they are a great way to save on gas, and many people find that they really enjoy the experience after ...

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    Companies scramble to patent fuel-cell technologies

    After a lull in the number of hydrogen fuel-cell related patents being filed, companies are now scrambling to protect advances in fuel-cell development. Patent activity began to grow almost exponentially about seven years ago, initially led by specialist fuel-cell developers, but subsequently by ...


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