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    Official: California could put $60,000 MRSP limit on EV rebates

    In California, electric vehicles have been selling so well that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is discussing ways to reduce the amount spent on the state's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP). The program, which provides rebates to EV buyers, is $30 million in debt this year, according ...

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    Nissan celebrates National Plug In Day by announcing 35,000 US Leaf sales

    Plug-in vehicle fans are getting ready to party this weekend as the Third Annual National Plug In Day hits cities worldwide. With events taking place Saturday and Sunday in over 95 cities (mostly in the US, but also in Holland and Canada), there's a lot of variety in what, exactly, the parties ...

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    Official: National Plug In Day takes place September 28 and 29

    While US plug-in vehicle sales have doubled from a year earlier through the first eight months of the year, the number of cities celebrating National Plug In Day is up just 20 percent. But that's no reason to fret, say the organizers. Plug In America, Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association ...

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    Study: Roadster batteries likely to perform better than Tesla predicted

    Once the epitome of EV cool, the Tesla Roadster has kind of taken a back seat to the new electric vehicles in the market it helped spawn. Turns out, even in the background, the Roadster has things to teach us. Or, at least it does to the experts at Plug In America who recently took a closer look ...

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    Man spends retirement savings to speak with Obama about EVs

    To show their plug-in passion, some people spend upwards of $30,000 on an electric car. Others – well, one, that we know of – will spend that much just to tell the leader of the free world how cool EVs are, in 180 seconds or less. That man is our friend Paul Scott, who's no stranger ...

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    This weekend, someone just might buy the 100,000th electric car in the US

    It's tough to know for sure how many plug-in vehicles have been sold throughout the US, but if anyone has been keeping count, it's the fine folks at Plug In America. And, according to them, somewhere in America this weekend, maybe, someone will buy the 100,000th electric car. PIA says it expects ...

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    Report: Plug In America wants to survey your Tesla Roadster battery

    Plug In America has launched a second electric vehicle owner experience survey – this time with the Tesla Roadster. It follows a survey conducted last year among Nissan Leaf owners, which was utilized and acknowledged by Nissan as it dealt with unexpected battery capacity loss reported by ...

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    Report: EV advocate Chelsea Sexton explains what gets potential buyers charged up

    Our friend Chelsea Sexton, co-founder of EV advocacy group Plug In America, says that Nissan, Coda and other electric-vehicle makers need to focus more on the heart and less on the head when it comes to pitching EVs to prospective buyers. Sexton, who was recently hired by Nissan as a consultant, ...

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    Official: Plug In America releases guidebook for Hawaii EV drivers

    Plug In America is saying Aloha to Hawaii's growing legion of electric-vehicle drivers. The electric vehicle advocate group used a $50,000 grant from the State of Hawaii to produce a 48-page guidebook (PDF) designed to help novices adopt their first electric vehicle. The document – ...

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    Official: 2nd annual National Plug In Day will feature EVs, free iPads

    ...and then there were 60. That's how many cities will be celebrating the Second Annual National Plug In Day later this month. The celebration of all things EV, which is being put on by Plug In America, Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association, will take place Sunday, September 23, in ...

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    Report: 'Ignore' DC quick-charge status with Nissan Leaf, EV advocate says

    A lot of science goes into electric cars, but when it comes to gauging battery-charge percentage, there may be a little more art involved. In this case, the DC quick-charge stations that are currently being installed near highways along the U.S. West Coast – and other locations – ...

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    Official: LA finally gets public DC fast charger for electric vehicles

    Well, it's about time! The city of Los Angeles just had its very first electric vehicle DC fast charger installed – an ECOtality Blink charger public station that can fill up a compatible EV to roughly 80 percent full in 30 minutes. It was unveiled last week in downtown L.A.'s Arts ...

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    Video: If you can't plug your car in...

    Plug In America members sure like to point out how much better their cars are than regular gas vehicles. The latest video version of this message shows a happy Chevrolet Volt driver – but not the way GM portrays them – who goes through the list of ways a plug-in car benefits the ...

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    Adopt A Charger memorial fund set up for EV advocate Doug Korthof

    The plug-in vehicle grassroots are a little less vibrant today with the news that EV advocate Doug Korthof has passed way. We were lucky to have Korthof's voice appear in the AutoblogGreen comments from time to time, but his true contribution to the field was his long-time commitment to getting ...

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    Report: CARB's new ZEV mandate revision could add 1.4m more advanced green cars, while creating a big loophole

    The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is holding meetings that could put the hammer down on getting more zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) on the road – or so it seems at first glance. CARB, which always looks far down the road, is discussing how it will change the ZEV program that concerns ...

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    Official: Plug In America plans educational webinar for prospective EV owners

    San Francisco-based electric vehicle advocacy group Plug In America is planning a one-hour webinar later this month that the group says will answer many questions both electric-drive car owners and novices have about plug-in vehicles. Plug In America will cover subjects such as vehicle ...

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    Three federal electric vehicle incentives expiring at end of 2011

    2011 may have been the first full year that multiple mainstream plug-in vehicles were available in the U.S., but it will also be remembered – most likely – as the year when the U.S. federal government was offering the most money to plug-in vehicle buyers (based on the number and types ...

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    Grassroots goes big on National Plug In Day on Sunday, Oct. 16 *UPDATE

    With more plug-in vehicles on the road now than in January 2009, the upcoming First National Plug In Day parade in Santa Monica, CA will be around three times the size of the parade held to celebrate the inauguration of President Obama (pictured). That event saw around 70 plug-in vehicles, ...

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    Why GM's push to add plug-in hybrids to California's AB475 is causing problems

    Many California plug-in vehicle proponents have a love-hate relationship with GM, born out of the EV1 experience (see "Who Killed The Electric Car?" if this is news to you) and the trend continues with some disagreement over a bill (AB475) that will, if passed, amend Sections 22511 and 22511.5 of ...

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    Plug In America talks electric vehicles with the Air Force

    Plug In America's Kate Baker interviewed Lt. Col. Brian Rusler and veteran Tim Goodrich of the United States Air Force regarding the military branch's green energy plans. The Air Force has been employing electric vehicles as early as 1997 with the use of electric golf carts for personnel transport ...


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