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    Official: Public in favor of higher truck fuel efficiency standards
    But 26 Percent Say They're Against Cleaner Trucks 1407930900

    Yes, the most recent poll results from the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) were about as predictable as asking Americans whether they wanted more sunlight or to lose a few pounds. Indeed, when one asks John Q. Public whether he's in favor of better fuel economy for semi trucks, well, the ...

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    Study: Zipcar survey says younger drivers more dependent on phones than cars

    It's not exactly a surprise, but that hipster on the barstool over there will be more miffed if you take his iPhone or laptop than his car. That is, if he owns a car at all. That's the gist of a survey released by carsharing leader Zipcar, which says young people between 18- and 34-years-old are ...

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    Official: Euro drivers will worry a lot, do little about environment, Ford finds

    It looks like "passing the buck" translates well in almost any language. Most Europeans expressed concern over climate change but very few are willing to give up their cars to do something about it, according to a new Ford poll. About 53 percent of the more than 6,000 people polled this summer ...

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    Report: Toyota dealers: no, we're not ready to sell EVs quite yet

    Toyota dealers are just fine with hybrids, but they're not quite ready for electric vehicles. That's the gist of a new survey from AutoRetailNet, which found that most Toyota dealers think the Japanese automaker made the right decision to delay any kind of largescale launch of its Scion iQ ...

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    Study: Two-thirds of British consumers would consider EVs

    Like Americans, British consumers talk a good game about buying electric vehicles. We'll see if they make good on it. About two-thirds of UK consumers are receptive to the idea of buying an electric vehicle, Motor Trader and British Gas reports, citing dealer surveys. That breaks down to about a ...

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    Study: Strong majority of Americans support higher gas tax to improve roads

    Think of it this way: a teenager cruising in a convertible down Pacific Coast Highway will probably be pretty big on smooth roads. That's sort of the gist of a survey from the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium, which polled more than 1,500 people on their attitudes toward taxation, ...

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    Video: Honda finds that $5-plus gas is 'tipping point'

    Do $6-a-gallon gas and electric vehicles go hand in hand? Well, it may be a stretch to conclude that from a two-minute fifty-second man-on-the-street video posted by Honda, but it may not be far off. Honda said it polled 1,000 Americans about their attitudes towards both buying more ...

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    Official: Electric vehicles spur concerns over range, fire, Consumer Reports says

    More than three-quarters of the American public say limited driving range is a point of concern when considering an electric vehicle, while almost 30 percent indicated that they thought EVs were more dangerous than conventional vehicles, Consumer Reports said, citing responses to its 2012 Car ...

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    Study: U.S. auto execs are the least optimistic about electric-drive adoption

    U.S. automobile executives are less optimistic about consumer adoption of electric-drive vehicles than their colleagues overseas, reflecting what they say is a lack of consensus over which type of electrified powertrain will become predominant over the next few years, consultant KPMG ...

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    Study: Small businesses support stringent fuel economy standards

    Lawmakers continue to push for anti-regulation and automakers successfully fought to weaken Obama's proposed 62-mile-per-gallon CAFE standard, but what do actual small business owners think of stringent fuel economy regulations? A new poll found that the vast majority seem to support 54.5 ...

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    POLL: LEAF, Volt or neither? Which do you prefer?

    We got a note the other day from Lyle Dennis over at GM-Volt about a poll he's running among his readers following this week's announcement of the Nissan LEAF. Lyle wanted to judge the readers preference among the two electrically-driven cars. As a site that's been dedicated to all things Volt ...

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    Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency poll: nearly 90% support high fuel economy standards

    The Pew Campaign for Fuel Efficiency (PCFE), a "public education campaign," has released details of a bipartisan poll which was conducted by The Mellman Group (D) and Public Opinion Strategies (R). The results of the poll are not surprising when one considers how Americans feel about the high ...

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    Poll shows Americans support higher fuel efficiency, but will they buy?

    As you might expect with gas prices above $3 a gallon Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of higher fuel economy standards. A new poll showed seventy percent of people who responded support forcing carmakers to build vehicles that are forty percent more efficient. What the poll didn't ask was ...

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    ABG POLL RESULTS: Just how fuel efficient is your vehicle?

    On the 5th May we asked you to tell us how fuel efficient your car was so that we could see what kind of returns our readers are getting in the real world. As we said, we know you read AutoblogGreen, but just how fuel efficient is your vehicle?Well the results are in and after receiving 649 votes ...

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    ABG POLL RESULTS: Powertrain Technologies

    On the 29th January we posed the question "Which powertrain technology will your 2010 model year passenger vehicle run on?", and asked you to vote for your favourite answer.After receiving 447 votes, the results are in and it looks like plug-in electric with petrol range extending - such as the ...

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    AGB POLL: Best way to spend the DOE's money

    The U.S. Department of Energy has been handing out quite a few grants for alternative energy research recently (see links below). But if you had your hands on the purse strings, where would you send the funds?Vote now. What is the best way to spend the ...

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    ABG POLL: Powertrain Technologies

    All the major car manufacturers are currently placing their bets as to what powertrain technology they think will win out in the near-future. Where would you put your money?Vote now. Which powertrain technology will your 2010 model year passenger vehicle ...

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    ABG POLL: Biodiesel Feedstock

    It seems like every second day someone has come up with a cool new feedstock for biodiesel. But what do you think is going to win out in the future? Vote now. What will the majority of biodiesel be made from by 2010? ...

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    Gas prices fall as fall elections draw near. Coincidence?

    Nearly every industry analyst will tell you that there's no way the federal government could directly control the market price of gasoline, however, a new Gallup poll reveals that 42 percent of Americans think otherwise. More specifically, those respondents agreed with the statement that the Bush ...


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