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    Report: Traffic, pollution cause Chinese cities to slow new car sales

    Dalian will become the fifth China city to restrict new car sales, reflecting the country's growing emissions and traffic issues and the government's efforts to deal with them, Automotive News reports. Beijing, Shanghai, Guiyana and Guangzhou already have sales restrictions, and Hangzhou and ...

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    Report: US to help China draft stricter emissions regulations

    The US will soon work with China as the world's most populous nation works to draft stricter emissions standards. The two countries certainly know how to put pollution into the air – China is the world's biggest emitter polluter, followed by the US. The announcement was made during a visit ...

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    Report: California truckers not happy with state emission rules

    The California dream is becoming a bit more of a nightmare, at least according to some truckers there. With the California Air Resources Board (CARB) mandating that older trucks be equipped with a special diesel soot filter in order to reduce pollution, trucking advocates are arguing that the ...

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    Report: MIT: vehicle emissions cause 53,000 extra deaths a year

    53,000 early deaths are attributed to exhaust from cars and trucks, annually. And now for some not-so-uplifting news for your Labor Day weekend, especially if it involves a long road trip. Emissions from electric-power generation, industrial operations, commercial and residential sources and ...

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    Report: Your car's exhaust can cause, not just trigger, kids' asthma

    Stick your head too close to an old car's exhaust, and we're willing to be dollars to donuts that you'll start coughing. It turns out that vehicle exhaust isn't just bad for you until the air clears. All that nastiness has a serious long-term effect, and can even cause asthma in children. That's ...

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    Report: WA state representative argues bikes pollute more than cars, backpedals

    Isn't bicycling supposed to reduce carbon emissions and free up traffic jam congestion? Well, it's actually making matters worse, argues a state representative from Washington. "You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car," claims Ed Orcutt (R – Kalama, ...

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    Report: Citing "public health," French minister calls for higher diesel taxes

    France's environment minister says diesel fuel, which powers about 80 percent of the country's light-duty vehicles, should be taxed at higher levels for the sake of public health, Bloomberg News reports. Delphine Batho, in a radio interview, said the idea of increasing diesel taxes is a "public ...

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    Has "peak car" already happened? Are automakers becoming mobility companies?

    The mood at the 2013 North American International Auto Show has been more than upbeat for automakers. Lots of new models and concept cars have been unveiled and automakers think it will be a good year for a solid sales increase. Quartz writer Tim Fernholz looked at it from another angle, raising ...

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    Using gas to power cars is like "burning Picassos" for heat

    Our dependency on oil for transportation is as futile as burning Picasso paintings for heat, according to Christian Science Monitor guest blogger Kurt Cobb. The point Cobb makes is that oil molecules can be used for valuable resources by being transformed into substances with true value – ...

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    Report: Mullite mineral reduces diesel engine pollution by almost 50%

    People looking to maintain their health have long been advised to take their minerals. Will trucks be doing the same thing? Maybe. A mineral made from the oxide family has been found to cut diesel-engine pollution by as much as 45 percent and may be able to replace the use of platinum as a ...

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    Study: EVs in China create more pollutants than gas-powered cars

    The University of Tennessee has just come up with a theory about China electric vehicles that may have some believing that there was a little too much of the local whiskey involved in the process. According to a report released by the university, EVs in China are more environmentally harmful ...

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    Report: Nissan on coal-powered EVs being dirtier than gas cars: Bullsh*t

    Few electric vehicles are actually "zero emissions," but calculating the exact carbon footprint of an EV can be daunting. Not only do different utilities each use a different mix of coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar, many areas also offer individuals the opportunity to buy "greener" power. ...

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    Report: Beijing to waive license plate lottery for electric vehicles

    Here's an electric vehicle perk that might prompt some Chinese consumers to go electric: elimination of Beijing's restrictive license plate lottery. Officials in Beijing are reportedly discussing a scheme that will allow electric vehicle owners to bypass the city's license plate lottery system. ...

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    Report: What are you wearing? Is it clothing that absorbs and neutralizes pollutants?

    The fight against pollution may soon take the fashion industry by storm as your clothes may clean up the mess your car puts out. Ecover, a Belgium-based firm that manufactures ecological cleaning products, has apparently invented a material that can be applied to clothing to absorb and neutralize ...

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    Study: Need another reason to buy cleaner vehicles? How about a lower risk of heart attacks

    Breathing in traffic fumes can trigger a heart attack up to six hours after exposure, according to research published by the British Medical Journal. The Journal identified exposure to particulate matter (PM-10) and nitrogen dioxide – both found to be at elevated levels of concentration in ...

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    Study: NOAA finds air pollution plummets by up to 90% when ships switch to low-sulfur fuel

    In 2010, a team of researchers led by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mounted instruments on an aircraft and the vessel Atlantis to capture emissions from container ships off California's coast. The team found that as container ships shifted from bottom-of-the-barrel ...

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    Report: Beijing to levy congestion charge to ease traffic, reduce pollution

    Chronic traffic woes have led officials in Beijing to take action, again. A congestion charge will soon be levied on drivers wishing to travel on select roads in the Chinese capital. Xinhua news agency says the charge is to encourage residents of Beijing to use public transit or bicycles for ...

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    Switzerland to equip buses, trams with air quality sensors

    Here's a novel idea: rather than installing air quality sensors in fixed locations, why not use mobile sensors to collect data in an evenly spread-out area? OpenSense, a project run by EPFL, a federally funded institute of technology located in Switzerland, and ETH Zurich, a science and technology ...

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    Report: Cities in UK may ban heavily polluting vehicles

    Back in June of 2010, the picturesque city of London recorded its 36th "bad air" day of the year. That was a problem since European Union (EU) guidelines allow just 35 "bad air" days a year, so reaching that unfortunate level by the sixth month of 2010 meant that London was in violation of the ...

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    Study: London's congestion charge lessens traffic; has not improved air quality

    London's Congestion Charging Scheme (CCS), which was implemented back in 2003 to reduce traffic volume in central London, has had virtually no impact on air quality, according to a study published by the Health Effects Institute (HEI). The study, "The Impact of the Congestion Charging Scheme on ...


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