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power grid

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    Report: Plug-in vehicles aren't killing the grid

    To paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the grid's demise on account of more plug-in vehicles are greatly exaggerated. And, while time is money, when it comes to electric-vehicle charging, more money means less time. At least, less time during peak demand. Plug-in vehicle owners in a cluster of ...

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    Report: South Africa taking three-year study to see if it's ready for EVs

    Plug-in electric vehicles are heading for another global market, South Africa, but it may take a while. Eskom, a South African electricity public utility company, told the legislature it will conduct a three-year study to see if the local power grid can handle a bunch of plug-in cars. Testing ...

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    Report: French nuclear power grid could be strained by electric vehicles

    File this under the "if it's not one thing, it's another" department. France, whose largest automaker Renault is already addressing concerns over what may be less-than-expected demand for electric vehicles, has a power grid that may be insufficient should consumers adopt plug-in vehicles in ...

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    Grid managers debate the effects of charging 1 million new electric vehicles

    As much as we like plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), the fact is there just aren't that many of them on the roads, yet. Well the IRC, a group of power grid operators from the United States and Canada, are predicting that 1,000,000 new PEVs could be on North American roads by the end of the decade. ...

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    Curiosity: Report says we have 35x more HP in our driveways than our power plants

    It may not be a particularly glamorous definition of the automobile, but it's true on some level that cars and trucks are individual little power generators on wheels, a fact pointed out here by WIRED staff writer Alexis Madrigal. Interestingly, when viewed in that light, the United States has an ...

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    Plug-ins could require new 160 power plants to be built... or none at all

    Studies have been performed that indicate that there is enough excess electricity already being produced to charge a nation of electric cars. One hitch to that plan, though, is that it requires people to charge their vehicles while they sleep, during "off-peak" hours. For this reason, the Oak Ridge ...

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    It's Friday: videos of variable transmission, cylinder deactivation, power grid

    There are many green, automotive concepts - like variable transmission, cylinder deactivation and plugging into the power grid - that you might have heard about but have never seen. Want to see those concepts in action and not in a computer animation? Above is a video showing how a variable ...

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    California utility Pacific Gas & Electric previews future energy grid

    Pacific Gas & Electric's Hal LaFlash recently sat down with Todd Woody of Green Wombat and Business 2.0 a preview of some of the new-tech and green-tech changes we can expect to see in California and the rest of the country. Here's the list: Solar stations - Large-scale plants using new ...


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