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    Official: XL Hybrids' new, third-generation powertrain cuts fuel use by 21%

    'XL' often means "bigger," but a new powertrain from Massachusetts-based startup XL Hybrids actually shrinks your fuel budget. About 21 percent smaller, to be precise. XL Hybrids is announcing the debut of its XL3 hybrid powertrain, with intentions of starting to install it on General Motors and ...

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    Sell unclean engines, pay a fine: EPA issued $2 million penalty to PowerTrain

    What is it with companies thinking they can get around the Clean Air Act? Earlier this year, the second-largest refinery in the U.S. was fined $5.3 million (and required to upgrade pollution control systems for $700 million) for CAA violations. Before that, companies like Pep Boys, Cummins and ...

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    Mercedes' study finds consumers are "confused" about alternative fuels

    Does the gas station pump pictured above look confusing? For some people, it is. Now, imaging if there was also J1772 connectors and a few H2 pumps, a SVO hose, and one for biodiesel and E85. Would it be complicated then? According to a new online study by Harris Interactive (done at the behest ...

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    Chevrolet Volt will not have direct engine drive, electric only

    Opel Ampera – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors recently started letting European journalists behind the wheel of prototype versions of the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera which is the re-nosed version of the Chevrolet Volt. While those of us on this side of the pond that have ...

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    Deep Dive: Getting intimate with the 2010 Honda CR-Z's powertrain

    When the 2011 Honda CR-Z hits the streets this Fall, it will feature the latest iteration of the company's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild hybrid system. The basic concept of IMA hasn't changed since the original Insight debuted in 1999, but it has been refined to improve performance and ...

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    ABG POLL RESULTS: Powertrain Technologies

    On the 29th January we posed the question "Which powertrain technology will your 2010 model year passenger vehicle run on?", and asked you to vote for your favourite answer.After receiving 447 votes, the results are in and it looks like plug-in electric with petrol range extending - such as the ...

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    ABG POLL: Powertrain Technologies

    All the major car manufacturers are currently placing their bets as to what powertrain technology they think will win out in the near-future. Where would you put your money?Vote now. Which powertrain technology will your 2010 model year passenger vehicle ...

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    Step right up! How automakers have placed their bets on future powertrain technologies

    Imagine that you have in front of you all the latest powertrain technologies available on the market or in development today: advanced petrol engines hydrogen/petrol engines clean diesel engines petrol-electric hybrids diesel-electric hybrids fuel cell-electric hybrids ...

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    Going Green with Ford of Europe

    Ford of Europe's Powertrain Engineering executive director Graham Hoare recently discussed the organization and its plans to increase engine fuel economy while simultaneously reducing emissions especially CO2. The department is working, for example, to consolidate various disparate departments more ...

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    Alternative Powertrain Research: Argonne's Mobile Automotive Technology Testbed

    Canoe.Ca reports on a facility called Mobile Automotive Technology Tested or MATT for short, operated by Argonne National Lab, one of the largest research centers for the U.S. Department of Energy. The facility allows engineers to quickly test various components for hybrids and new ways of ...


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