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price of gas

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    Study: US gas prices to fall over next two years

    US gas prices are expected to fall over the next couple of years as fuel consumption levels off, indicating that vehicle fuel-economy gains may have positive long-term effect on everyone's wallets. Regular fuel prices, which on average rose 2.8 percent in 2012 to $3.63 a gallon, will fall to ...

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    The U.S. is exporting oil products, so why is the price of gas still high?

    It has always been the habit of the party that doesn't occupy the White House to blame various ills on the party that does. Especially in the past few years when it has come to gas prices, the party-in-waiting has blamed the POTUS for "pain at the pump." We're not taking sides here – ...

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    Video: The true cost of gas in the U.S. is closer to $15 a gallon

    The Price of Gas – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The Center for Investigative Reporting has put together an interesting video explaining the true cost of gasoline to the American public. While gas may have dropped to below $4 a gallon in recent weeks, the video explains that ...

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    Studies Say: a wrap up from the green car front: "Internalize the Externalities," more

    This is a particularly busy time for studies trying to understand the impact of green vehicles. Here's a quick round-up: Paul Scott writes that, for anyone to fairly compare driving plug-in vehicles and gasoline-powered ones, we need a better understanding of the "exernalities" of fossil fuels. ...

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    Price of oil down, but gas could hit $2.50 before spring

    cc by taberandrew
    You may have noticed that the price of gas has been going on an upward creep following its dramatic collapse last autumn. The climb is happening despite a continuing drop in the price of oil. There are estimates that the price of a gallon at the pump may even reach $2.50 before ...

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    Falling gas prices may open opportunities for ants

    You may already know the story of the ant and the grasshopper. While the summertime of low gas prices reigned, grasshoppers went out and bought SUVs, convinced that the warm season was here to stay. They laughed at ants in their hybrids and on their bicycles. "Silly ants", they said, "However do ...

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    Phillipine police roll on patrol in a NEV

    The price of gas is getting out of hand everywhere. Ok, maybe not Venezuela, where its cheaper than our bottled water at ¢15 a gallon, but almost everywhere else, it's expensive. In the Philippines its so costly ($4.50 gallon in a country where, according to the Philippine National Statistics ...


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