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    Official: Hiriko 'folding' EV will be produced for German car-sharing project next year

    Hiriko's "folding" electric vehicle has been in the works for about two years but the momentum is picking up. The company has reached an agreement with the operator of the German railway network to start testing the vehicles within a car-sharing network in Berlin starting early next ...

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    Bombardier signs $485 million dollar contracts for hybrid locomotives

    Canadian-based train manufacturer Bombardier announced two contracts to supply hybrid locomotives in North-America. According to Bombardier, these two will be the first deliveries of such technology, which uses diesel and/or electricity to power the locomotives. The contracts were signed with the ...

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    Harvard professor predicts railroads will return to prominence in the U.S.

    John R. Stilgoe, Robert and Lois Orchard Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Graduate School of Design, predicts that trains will once again play a key role in shaping American life. Based on an analysis of real estate investment patterns along railroad corridors, Stilgoe ...

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    Type N700 bullet train nears 200 mph in Japan

    Back in April, we showed you designs that Japan has to make magnetic levitation trains a reality. Being that those trains are not expected to be ready for consumers until 2025, I thought I'd show you something more current. Here is the Type N700 bullet train, reportedly the first update of the ...

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    Union Pacific Railroad unveils ultra-low emission diesel locomotives

    Just days after we wrote about the problem of trying to introduce cleaner locomotives into existing railway's fleets, Union Pacific Railroad has unveiled the first of 60 new environmentally friendly, ultra-low emission diesel locomotives for use in the Los Angeles region. In prototype and testing ...

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    Green train technology needed to keep air clean

    Railway operator BNSF Railway Co. is considering building a new railway hub at the Southern California Logistics Airport, which is projected to remove hundreds of trucks off the road thanks to rail's massive freight capabilities. The rail hub would process approximately 50,000 freights cars in the ...

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    Japanese rail research group successfully test fuel cell train

    Last week, Japan's Railway Research Technical Institute (RTRI) officially announced that they completed successful running tests of what they say is the world's first fuel cell-powered train. Their research and development began in 2001 as they aimed to develop a railway system that would reduce ...


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