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rare earth metals

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    Official: Discovery of rare earth metals in ocean mud could help Japan

    There might be a crack in China's domination of rare earth metals – a mud-filled crack, thanks to a discovery by Japanese scientists. Vast reserves of rare earth metals that can be mined cheaply have been found in deep-sea mud on the Pacific ocean seabed. These essential metals are needed ...

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    Official: Ford champions reduction in rare earth metals in next-gen hybrids

    For the third-generation hybrid system powering the Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX Hybrid, Ford expects to be using about 500,000 pounds a year less of expensive and uncommon rare earth metals. Reduction of rare earth metals in the lithium-ion batteries and the hybrid system's electric machines lowers ...

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    Honda will recycle rare earth metals from old hybrid batteries

    The supply of rare earth metals used in the manufacture of nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and permanent magnet motors that are found in most hybrids has been somewhat uncertain the past few years, what with China's lock on the supply and its recent policy of limiting exports. While there ...

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    Report: President Obama speaks out against China's lock on rare earth metals

    It's not a secret that China has a near stranglehold on the world's supply of rare earth metals, but when President Obama spoke out against that country's control of the market today, the information probably spiked a bit on people's "is that true?" meters. Speaking at the White House but with ...

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    Report: Toyota works on electric-drive powertrains that don't need rare earth metals

    Toyota is working on a method of making electric-drive powertrains without using magnets that require pricey rare-earth metals such as neodymium and dysprosium, and may start integrating that process into vehicle production within two years, Reuters reported, citing Japan's Kyodo News. The ...

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    Report: China's leading rare earth firm to halt operations for 1 month

    China's number one rare earth firm announced on Tuesday that it would suspend all operations immediately, according to Nikkei. The Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare-Earth Hi-Tech shutdown is reportedly a direct action aimed at countering falling rare earth prices Inner Mongolia Baotou, which ...

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    Report: Gold Rush Alaska: the rare earth boom version

    A mining project on a mountain ridge on Alaska's Prince of Wales Island may unlock a motherlode of rare earth resources, which are important components of many of today's electric drive vehicles. Between the Bokan Mountain deposit, owned by Canada's Ucore Rare Metals, and the nearby city of ...

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    UK consortium to develop rare earth-free electric-drive system

    A group of specialist engineering technology firms is set to embark on the development of next-generation electric-drive systems that do not require rare earth metals. UK-based Sevcon will lead the collaborative project that includes Cummins Generator Technologies and Newcastle University's Power ...

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    Report: Three rare earth mines in China to halt extraction by year's end

    Government officials in China have reportedly ordered three rare earth mines to halt extraction by year's end. According to Xinhua, Jiangxi, a province in southern China, has reportedly issued a notice to three of its eight major rare earth-producing counties ordering the halt, says Li Guoqing, ...

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    Report: Japan says Pacific Ocean holds vast amounts of rare earth metals

    It's been reported that soaring demand for rare earth metals will likely drive prices way up. This concept of demand = increased prices is supported by numerous individuals and firms. First, there's the report from Metal-Pages, which indicates that the price of neodymium, an element used in ...

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    Need rare earth metals? Switched-reluctance motors don't

    Most hybrid and electric vehicles rely on rare earth metals. There'd be nothing wrong with that if China didn't supply in excess of 90 percent of the world's rare earth metals. Why is this a problem? Because China's recent decision to slash export quotas on rare earth metals has caused a surge in ...

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    Report: Japan to invest $514M to slash use of Chinese rare earth metals

    In early January, China announced that it would slash its rare earth export quotas by 11 percent in 2011. The move caused prices to soar and has led Japanese officials to try and find ways to make this not matter very much. Effective immediately, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and ...

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    China mulling full-year quotas on rare earth exports

    China's commerce ministry, along with other government agencies, is reportedly considering full-year export quotas on rare earth metals. While the ministry pledges to set quotas in accordance with World Trade Organization rules, abiding by those guidelines still provides China with significant ...

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    Toyota developing electric motor that eliminates the need for rare earth metals

    Toyota Prius C Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Earlier this month, we reported that China is expected to slash its first batch of rare earth exports by 11 percent for 2011, setting the limit at 14,446 tons. Automakers are concerned that a shortage in vital rare earths used ...

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    Report: China to cut rare earth export quotas by 11% in 2011

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    China is expected to announce the formation of a rare earth industry group in May 2011. This organization will reportedly be tasked with guiding the nation's domestic rare earth industry and handling price negotiations with foreign buyers ...

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    Report: Toshiba to commercialize samarium-cobalt magnets for electric motors

    Dysprosium is a chemical element with the symbol Dy and atomic number 66. It's also a rare-earth metal, found mainly in the clay ores of southern China. Dy has one of the highest magnetic strengths of any element, making it ideal for electric motors used in battery-powered vehicles, but access to ...

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    California mine may benefit from Chinese rare earth metal "hoarding"

    China's decision to begin hoarding using it's rare earth metal resources to bolster productivity in Mongolia may have Toyota bracing itself (and making use of its long-term plans) but the news is music to the ears of Molycorp Minerals LLC. They are the company with plans to re-open a Mountain ...

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    REPORT: China not hoarding rare earth metals, just wants them to be used in Inner Mongolia

    A coal mine in Mongolia
    Reports of the death of rare earth metals might have been greatly exaggerated. While it remains true that China mines almost all (i.e., more than 95 percent) of the rare earth minerals that are taken out of the earth, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that recent news ...

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    REPORT: Toyota braces for rare earth metal shortage

    2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery
    As we once again learned last week with the news that China was considering an effort to limit the amount of rare earth metals that are exported outside its own borders, there's a finite supply of available resources on our planet. Could ...


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