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    Official: Sunswift solar-powered car smashes 26-year EV speed record
    Australian Students Impress FIA In 300-Mile Drive 1413468780

    We're not sure which is more impressive: that a team of Australian students set a new distance-speed record for an electric vehicle or the fact that the driver got that little solar-powered bad boy up to 82 miles per hour. Either way, the Sunswift team at University of New South Wales (NSW) has ...

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    Official: Australia's Sunswift claims new EV distance speed world record
    Solar Panels Were Switched Off During 311-Mile Attempt 1406231880

    With a name like Sunswift, optimism must abound. So let's start with the fact that the team behind it has built a great looking solar-powered car. And Australia has plenty of road and more than enough sun, the pieces are coming together. Australia's University of New South Wales first put ...

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    Report: Drayson attempting to beat own 204-mph EV speed record in Utah

    Diehard fans of the 1992 Nicolas Cage-starring flick "Honeymoon in Vegas" (we know you're out there) will remember a skydiving escapade involving a bunch of rhinestone jumpsuits and the Flying Elvises, Utah Chapter. It was a memorable scene. Lord Paul Drayson is looking to put his own high-speed ...

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    Green: Drayson will shoot for FIA electric-vehicle land-speed record on June 25

    It's pretty impressive when an automotive speed record stands for almost four decades, but UK-based Drayson Racing Technologies will take a shot at one next week. The company, led by Lord Paul Drayson (whose company is partnering with Michelin on the effort), will look to break the FIA World ...

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    Report: Ford will pass its own annual hybrid record seven months early

    What used to take Ford a year now takes less than five months. The automaker continues to expand its stable of hybrid-electric and plug-in vehicle models, and that's one reason why the company is about to pass its previous annual hybrid-sales record this month, Bloomberg News says. Through the ...

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    Official: Nemesis car sets EV top-speed record in UK at 151 mph [w/video]

    Wow. That was fast. In only took about a year for someone to break the land-speed record for an electric vehicle built in the UK. In this case, Ecotricity, which produces electricity from "green" energy, has snatched up the honors. Its Nemesis "supercar" hit 151 miles per hour on a racetrack ...

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    By The Numbers: Monthly record sales for Prius, Volt help drive up March alt-fuel sales almost 40%

    Rising gas prices may not have lifted all alt-fuel vehicles last month, but they did a pretty good job for some of the higher profile models. Overall, U.S. March sales of hybrids, extended-range plug-in hybrids, battery-electrics and diesels jumped about 40 percent from a year earlier as both the ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius sales surge 54% from a year earlier to monthly record

    Toyota looked to redeem a relatively slow year for Prius sales in 2011 by broadening its lineup for the world's best-selling hybrid. By the looks of its sales last month, the strategy is working. The Japanese automaker sold 28,711 Prius hybrids in March, the all-time U.S. monthly record since ...

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    Report: Toyota Ku:Rin snags compressed air top speed record with 80.3 mph run

    Developed by a subsidiary of Toyota Motors called Toyota Industries Corp., the arrow you see above is the three-wheeled Ku:Rin. Powered by compressed air, the Ku:Rin showcases Toyota's expertise in developing compressors for automotive air conditioning systems. Recently, the Ku:Rin ...

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    Modified motorcycle burns vegetable oil in record-setting run

    At the Loring Timing Association in Maine, John Petsche drove a highly modified motorcycle into the record books. Powered by a six-horsepower industrial diesel engine and fueled by store-bought vegetable oil, Petsche's two-wheeler hit a top speed of 56.535 miles per hour, sufficient to put ...

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    Nissan Leaf to attempt record-setting hill climb in... reverse

    Unlike gasoline-fueled vehicles, in which reverse gear only allows low-speed maneuvers, the Nissan Leaf packs an electric powertrain that, theoretically*, enables it to be driven backwards until it hits its top speed. This means that the Leaf, believe it or not, can whiz along in reverse at ...

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    VIDEO: Killacycle rider sets quarter mile record... in a Tesla Roadster Sport?

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    It was another record-setting weekend for Killacycle pilot Scotty Pollachek at the Wayland Invitational drag racing event at the Portland International Raceway. However, he wasn't mounted atop the world's quickest electric ride during the ...

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    Tesla Roadster races 387 km (240 miles) on a single charge in France, Monaco

    Not long ago, the guys at Top Gear had the chance to enjoy a Tesla Roadster (sadly, the video of that much-discussed event is no longer available). Two things Jeremy Clarkston and crew criticized were the Tesla's range and brakes. The Roadster has now made a strong counter-claim about its range. ...

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    Toyota RAV4 EV eBay auction resolved, still a record

    We've been following the saga of a 2001 Toyota RAV4 EV that came up for auction on eBay and sold for a record-setting (as far as we know) bid of $89,200. Unfortunately, for the seller, monkeydude12, the winning bidder backed out and, according to ABG commenter Yanquetino, a message appeared on the ...

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    Jesse James to break land speed record in hydrogen car but says Gore is still "a dork"

    digg_url = ''; Michigan Live caught up with popular custom bike maker and host of Monster Garage, Jesse James, at the Detroit Auto Show Wednesday. Jesse was at AutoWeek's annual design forum awards dinner promoting recycling and ...

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    Whew! Price of crude oil hits $88.20

    digg_url = ''; The latest news from Turkey is that the country might go to war with Kurdish separatist guerrillas in Northern Iraq. That makes you nervous? Well, it certainly made the market nervous and so we just saw the ...

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    BREAKING: Oil reaches all time high of $80/barrel

    The price of a barrel of oil hit a record intra-day trading high of $80.05. It hit $80.18 in intra-day trading on Globex. That's more than a dollar higher than the old record of $78.77 set August 1. The price of oil is up on worries of supply shortages after a Energy Information Administration ...

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    Fuel prices Down Under up and down

    It seems that Australian petrol prices are even more volatile than I imagined. Just a week after predictions that petrol prices were likely to remain high during 2007, prices are now tipped to fall by as much as 10 cents a litre (US$0.30 per gallon) after world oil prices dropped to a 19-month low. ...

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    September sets another ethanol production record, sales also strong

    The September U.S. sales figures have just been released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and ethanol keeps going from strength to strength. The industry produced 333,000 barrels of ethanol per day which is a new production record. Demand though was even stronger at 380,000 barrels ...


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