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    Report: Range Rover hybrids getting 40 mpg on Silk Road challenge drive

    No, Land Rover's Range Rover hybrids can't drive on water. But they can survive some hardcore conditions. The hybrids are about half way through an intense "Silk Road" voyage from London to Mumbai and are surviving quite nicely, thank you very much. Hybrid Cars reports that the seven Range ...

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    Report: CR: If you buy a Chevy Spark, make sure it's the EV

    Consider Consumer Reports officially juiced about the all-electric version of the Chevrolet Spark. The publication tested out the EV and found it to be far superior to its gas-powered brethren, calling the all-electric the "best version of this small hatchback." CR was particularly effusive ...

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    Report: What it's like to ride in the BMW i3 and i8 (in a word, great)

    To paraphrase the old Sally Field line from the Oscars: they liked 'em. They really liked 'em. With BMW set to unveil its first two plug-ins under its "i" badge within the next 12 months or so (the i3 is due in late 2013, the i8 in the first half of 2014), journalists from Car Magazine and UK's ...

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    Report: 'Real world' electric vehicle test easily beats EPA ratings

    Some Republicans decry what they say are the liberal leanings of the federal government, but when it comes to rating the single-charge range of electric vehicles, the feds' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is decidedly conservative. At least, this is what Edmunds found in a recent EV road ...

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    Report: Inside Line wishes for more from Coda Sedan in road test

    We gave the Coda Sedan electric vehicle decent enough marks when we took an early prototype for a Quick Spin last year. It looks like the performance-minded folks at Edmunds's Inside Line weren't so charitable, however. Inside Line found that the EV, which started deliveries in March, beat the ...

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    Report: Inside Line pits Tesla Model S against Porsche Panamera GTS

    Well, that must've been fun. Inside Line really took one for the team by road-testing the battery-electric Tesla Model S and the Porsche Panamera GTS against each other. It's a tough life. Inside Line decided the Panamera GTS was the closest competitor to the Model S based on performance, price ...

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    First road test of the new Ford Fiesta

    Here in North America we still have to wait about another 15 months to get our paws on Ford's new Fiesta, but it goes on sale in the UK in October. Britain's Channel 4 recently ran its first road test of the new mini car and was quite pleased with the results. With its nearly 100 lb lighter weight ...

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    In the AutoblogGreen Garage: 2008 BMW 123d 3-door hatchback

    Click above for high-res gallery of the BMW 123dWe've reviewed a number of high-mileage and alternative fuel cars that can't be purchased here in the USA. Why bother wasting time on such unobtainable machines you might ask? It's because the number of high mileage cars available in this market is ...

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    First Road Test of the Tesla Roadster

    It looks like Ben Stewart of Popular Mechanics got the privilege of being the first journalist to actually drive the upcoming Tesla Roadster, or at least the first to publish about his drive. As most AutoblogGreen readers probably know, the Tesla Roadster is a new Lotus Elise-based electric sports ...


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