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    Report: Tesla Model S driver goes from Mexico to Alaska, loves the experience
    Seeing The Benefits Of Needing To Stop For A Charge 1408215600

    As range anxiety lessens, and more chargers are installed along major roadways, increasing numbers of people are taking road trips in their electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S in particular has become the go-to vehicle for electric touring. When equipped with the 85-kWh battery pack, the Model S ...

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    Recharge Wrap-up: Road-tripping in a Tesla Model S, Big Oil's tax advantage
    Zap, Jonway To Make The Most Of China's EV Policy 1407161640

    Zap is poising itself to take advantage of China's extension of its electric vehicle incentive program. The government will be offering rebates on EVs, forgiving sales taxes and licensing fees, installing EV charging infrastructure and other measures to encourage adoption of zero-emission ...

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    Read This: Beating Tesla's coast-to-coast time in a Model S

    A Tesla Model S. A race across the country. An average driving speed of 63 miles per hour. Now which part of that doesn't jibe? A pair of drivers from has set out to beat Tesla Motors' own cross-country time record by taking a Model S from Los Angeles (technically, Redondo Beach) to ...

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    Kick Gas is an EV adventure film of epic proportions [w/video]

    If you've ever taken a long road trip with your family, you know that such an endeavor can involve no small amount of drama and adventure. A seeming never-ending series of "He's touching me!", "No, I'm not!", and "Mom, Emmi's throwing up again!" You get the idea; enough excitement for a movie, ...

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    Video: Yes, a family of 5 can live in a 1981 VW Westfalia van

    Automakers and marketers trying to reach environmentally conscious consumers who desire the simple life basically have two strategies: promote electric vehicles that can be charged through green energy or sell a 30-year-old Volkswagen van on Craigslist. Nicolas Boullosa and Kirsten Dirksen opted ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S drivers claim first cross-country trip on Supercharger power

    It's not like most Tesla Model S owners are hard-pressed for cash, but it's still got to be nice to know they can get across the country in their all-electric luxury hatchbacks for free. Father-daughter team John and Jill (no last names given) just finished what's being called the first ...

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    Official: Fiat 500L Living diesel fleet goes from Turin to Paris on a single tank

    A fleet of Fiat 500L Living diesels has made the nearly 500-mile trek from Turin, Italy to Paris, France on a single tank of fuel, part of the first-ever Bosch Diesel Challenge. The Fiats achieved a fuel economy of about 71 miles per gallon (EU scale) in the process and received accolades from ...

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    Report: Elon Musk's Tesla Model S electric road trip: 5 kids, 3,200 miles, 9* hours of charging

    With his legions of vociferous fans, there has been no bigger champion for the electric vehicles from Tesla Motors than the man at the helm, Elon Musk. Musk's latest promotional event to prove the power of EVs will be a cross-country drive in a Model S, using the rapidly growing network of ...

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    Report: Tesla Model S road trip drivers find success along NYT's failed drive route [w/video]

    "There is a learning curve to taking long road trips in an EV, especially in the cold." In the last week, we have read and written many thousands of words about the Tesla Model S road trip that The New York Times writer John Broder could not accomplish. Thanks to a critical tweet by Tesla ...

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    Video: MindDrive goes cross-country with at-risk youth in all-electric Lotus Esprit

    MindDrive is asking for crowdfunding to get a film produced about at-risk youth driving a converted electric car coast to coast. MindDrive, a nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, MO, works with at-risk high school students in an experiential hands-on way – through building an ...

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    Tesla Model S road trip arrives safely in NYC

    Kudos to Peter, Tina and Luba! After nearly 5,000 miles, they made it from Portland, OR to New York City in a Tesla Model S. One of the team tweeted upon arrival: "If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere and we made it! Electric Road Trip S successfully finished in NYC, final mileage ...

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    Tesla Model S goes road tripping, drivers experience variety of charging methods

    The Tesla Model S is on another cross country road trip. It's not being driven by a Tesla team, like last year – this time it's a long, winding tour for old friends Peter, Luba and Tina, making their way from Portland, OR, to New York. It's been a sightseeing drive – as of day six, ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S greets the Big Apple

    Tesla Motors recently completed its summer cross country road trip, from San Francisco to the Big Apple, in its Model S electric sedan. While that is slow going for most electric vehicles, the Model S can drive up to 300 miles on a full charge, depending on options. It can go even further under ...

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    How much is that road trip? Cost To Drive will let you know

    We know, we know: there's an app for everything. If you want to calculate your fuel costs for an upcoming trip, then, well, there's a new app for that. Released last week, Cost2Drive is currently available at the introductory price of $1.99. The idea here is to do some math behind the scenes and ...

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    480-mile road trip in a Nissan Leaf? It's possible and positive

    2011 Nissan Leaf - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We'd venture a guess that most Nissan Leaf owners wouldn't trek from San Diego, CA to Tucson, AZ – a distance of approximately 480 miles – in their electrified hatchbacks. The Leaf has many skills, but, as we all know, ...

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    BBC's Think City road trip follow up: size matters

    There once was a little media company called the BBC that wanted to take a little electric vehicle (EV) across Europe, a continent full of little countries. The resulting four 30-minute radio shows for BBC Radio 4 about the trip – which covered around 4,500 miles in a month – showed ...

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    UK Tesla superfan goes 772 miles from London to Lands End in a Roadster

    Tesla Roadster London to Land's End road trip – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Recently, Vauxhall sent an Ampera – that's the Chevy Volt with a strong British accent – on a 170-mile press release promenade and declared that they were undertaking, and we quote, the ...

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    If you've ever wondered what a Tata Nano looks like in Gulf livery, well... wonder no more

    The CarWale Endurance Run Tata Nano – Click above for image gallery
    The Indian car shopping site is driving a Tata Nano in a loop across the length and breadth of India to make a point about the car and the country. Their journey started on February 4 and ends February 19, ...

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    Boaz Frankel goes on an "Un-Road" trip

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    Memorial Day is said to mark the beginning of the summer driving season and over the next few months, many Americans will be taking to the highways to visit far-flung family and friends or, perhaps, to just get away it all. In advance of the long ...

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    Rising fuel costs are making the summer weekend road trip more expensive

    One of the traditional rites of summertime is the long weekend road trip. However as fuel prices are on the rise this spring and likely into this summer, that's becoming a much more expensive activity. Unfortunately a lot of the things that people do for road trips can dramatically increase fuel ...


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