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    Official: Car2go carsharing service will debut in Rome in mid-March

    When in Rome, folks can start using Daimler's Car2go car-sharing service. The Mercedes-Benz parent says its car-sharing fleet of Smart Fortwo two-seaters will be available in the Italian capital starting mid-March. Upon the debut, about 300 cars will be available, with another 200 added by April. ...

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    Official: Formula E signs Drayson Racing as first team for 2014 FIA Formula E

    And they're off! UK-based Drayson Racing Technologies is the first team to commit to Formula E Holdings's plans to run an all-electric Formula One-style racing circuit starting next year. Drayson, which will be one of 10 teams that are expected to compete in the circuit, plans to devote two ...

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    Report: FIA Formula E electric car racing will come to Rome first in Europe [w/video]

    For the first-ever Formula One racing circuit featuring nothing but electric-powered cars, "When in Rome" has taken on a whole new meaning. The Italian capital will be the first in Europe to host an FIA Formula E series race, the UK's Telegraph reports. With Italy's long history in motorsports ...

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    Glamor post of the week: BMW to become the "ecomobility" solution for the Rome Film Festival

    Do you enjoy watching stars on the red carpet? Well, BMW thinks that they can help make the stars' appearance a little greener than if they arrived in a stretched limo (even if it's hybrid). Last year BMW chose the event to promote its Hydrogen 7 flagship, but this year BMW has announced a full ...

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    Rome follows Lyon, Barcelona, Paris: New public bike rental service

    Our readers surely know about the public bike rental services that are currently being installed around Europe: First city was Lyon, then Vienna (now canceled suspended for winter), Barcelona, Seville and Paris. Rome, which is a city with serious transit problems, has decided to give it a try as ...

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    Could you live with a tiny car?

    If the thought of riding around town on a scooter scares you, or if you just could not imagine not having a roof over your head, perhaps you could use a microcar like one of these. Cars like these used to be rather common sights on the roads in Europe. In fact, we showed you a gallery some time ago ...

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    Stylish new Italian pedal powered rickshaws

    In many parts of the world cities are filled rickshaws of multiple varieties taking passengers from one place to another. Traditionally rickshaws were pulled by young lads trying to earn a buck. But with the advent of the motor scooter, many rickshaws became motorized, with small noisy polluting ...

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    Rome to run public buses on B20 biodiesel

    Rome has announced that it will start a trial to run 200 of its public buses on a B20 biodiesel blend. The move is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The plan will look carefully at the carbon emissions of the supply chain as well.If successful, Rome's entire fleet ...

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    Photo Gallery: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Drive small cars.

    I met a guy at the Motor Trend Community Forum who recently took a trip to Rome. While he was there, he took many pictures, and many of them were in an attempt to find the smallest cars in Rome that people actually drive. Look at the Gallery, you will see some classics like the Fiat 500, and some ...


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