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    Report: High schooler electrifies Honda S2000

    Any old codger wondering if our future's in good hands should check out what Juan Ehringeras is doing with his Honda S2000. The high school senior is rebuilding the two-seater as an all-electric vehicle, and seems to be having fun with the process, according to Motor Authority. Ehringeras, who ...

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    Rumormill: Front-wheel drive, hybrid Honda S2000 "replacement" coming in 2012

    The latest reports out of Japan could spell bad news for Honda S2000 enthusiasts the world over. According the Best Car, the rear-wheel drive roadster's replacement will likely ditch Honda's high-revving F20C in favor of the second-generation hybrid drivetrain slated to be fitted to the Accord, and ...

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    VIDEO: Honda S2000 owner's first drive after electric conversion

    Click above and scroll down to watch the video
    Honda's S2000 developed a reception as a great handling sports car over the past decade. Unfortunately for fans of torque, its high-revving four cylinder was found severely lacking. One S2000 owner has come up with a solution, and it's also greener ...


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