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sae j1772

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    SAE working on new J1772 combo coupler standard for plug-in vehicles

    Sometime during the first quarter of 2012, SAE International says it will officially establish a worldwide standard, calling for an integrated coupler for plug-in vehicles. The SAE says this J1772 combo coupler will allow plug-in vehicles to be charged from either a conventional, 15-amp AC wall ...

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    German OEMs pick one electrical charging connector to rule them all

    One massive sticking point with electric cars is the lack of standards when it comes to plugging in the vehicle. In the 90s, the General Motors EV1 didn't use the same kind of plug as the Toyota RAV4 EV, and that meant electric vehicle charging stations had to keep multiple adapters on hand if ...

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    Underwriters Laboratories approves SAE J1772 charging plug

    The SAE standard J1772 charging connector for plug-in vehicles passed another threshold on its way to finalization this week. Underwriters Laboratories has completed its certification testing on the connector developed by Yazaki. The UL testing has verified the safety and durability characteristics ...

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    SAE 2009: Yazaki's booth proudly displays J1772 connector

    J1772 connector - click above for more
    At the SAE World Congress last week, one of the more important technical discussions revolved around a new connector standard for plug-in vehicles called J1772. As we mentioned in our write-up of the progress made at the event, the Yazaki company was behind ...

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    SAE 2009: SAE J1772 plug standard could be finalized by this fall

    The SAE task force that is currently working on a standard for a conductive connector for plug-in vehicles could finalize that work as soon as this fall. The proposed plug standard is currently going through certification testing at Underwriters Labs and that work is scheduled to be completed by ...

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    Automakers and utilities reach agreement on plug-standard

    Just days after General Motors put out the call to settle on a plug standard for electric vehicles, it appears that an agreement has been reached - in Europe at least. The plug design will be unveiled at a German technology fair on Monday by energy company RWE. The plug design uses three prongs and ...

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    GM calls for plug-in vehicle standards

    One of the factors that has helped to make cars so ubiquitous over the past century is standards. By standardizing things like fuel fillers, inflation nozzles on tires, 12V power sockets and countless other elements, automakers have been able make owning and operating a car much more practical. ...


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